You’ll Soon Drip Precious Rubies

Whether your favourite hair themed film is Blow Dry, Don’t Mess With Zohan or Sweeney Todd (I could go on but I’m sure you don’t want me to) – Get your clippers around these knuckle tattoos by Adam Harris of New Tribe, Brixham, England.

Tommy Toxic (autoplayer)

Click through to see him swingin’ his hairspray wide.

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Sex is Brill!

We all love sex, right? But judging by the following tattoos we all express that love in different ways..

Fuck Slut – Manuel Huizar, Sadofilia, La Paz – If that rings a bell it’s because it what once the home of BMEzine, and Manuel was behind Phil’s toes (1, 2, 3).

Blow Jobs – Sjard, Kartell Tattoo Studio, Hessen, Frankfurt.

As for the last tattoo..

“I got this tattoo because I wanted something that would always make me smile. I’ve never had anyone say they were offended by it, mostly people just giggle and say how awesome it is [because it is] the only thing I regret is not getting a few curly lines to really tramp it up properly. But at least this way it’s kind of subtle.”

No offence to the owner of the tattoo above (yes, that one), but I’m not sure I understand the message “behind” the tattoo or the text submitted along with it – If I’m missing the humour please let me know!

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Knuckle Bumps

As the reverse psychology didn’t seem to work with some people in this post, I thought I’d push my luck a little by saying – LOOK TOP MIDDLE!

Note – Just to give you guys a heads up, I’m going to be working through the ModBlog archives over the next few days and adding tags (the clickable words you see below this post) for tongue splitting, feet, fingers, eyebrows, knees and anything else I think warrants “sectioning”.

Hopefully this will make specific posts easier to find – Feel free to pipe up in the comments section if there’s a particular tag you’d like included.

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