Finger Lickin’ Good

I don’t really know what the motivation behind this tattoo of a self consuming cow is — in this case done by Drew Atkins at Incorporated in Zanesville, Ohion — but all it brings to mind for me is the Ameglian Major Cow from Milliways (The Restaurant at the End of the Universe — I’m sure other Douglas Adams fans know what I’m talking about).

Mr. Moustache

Finger moustache on Mr. Tingle, by his good friend Blair.

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Best. Windows. Tattoo. Ever.

Or is it an anti-Windows tattoo? I’m not sure… Paul got this Windows 98 bluescreen tattoo done by Sam Rulz at Two Hands Tattoo in Auckland, New Zealand.

Update: If you’re wondering about the motivation, the artist explains,

What Paul loves most is the idea of explaining this tattoo to his grandkids, when Windows 98 is so outdated as to be completely obsolete. The knowledge that this tattoo’s subject will certainly become outdated was key to inspiring Paul’s decision to make something so indefinitely fleeting so indelible. As was the idea of taking something so mundane and using it in such a way usually reserved for subjects the wearer deems important. Truth is Paul doesn’t love Windows 98, and Paul doesn’t hate Windows 98, Paul doesn’t really give a fuck about Windows 98 one way or another.

The guts of it is; Paul wanted this Tattoo because it goes against the norm, it is not an image that one would see and instantly consider appropriating as a tattoo. It encourages people to think and ask questions, not necessarily ask Paul questions, but question what they currently think or know about Tattoos. That’s what good art does; it stirs conversation within the audience. The same goes for all other art forms, painting, film, music… You may not like it, you may not understand it, the important thing is that you’re thinking about it, you’re not just a passive viewer. All art has an intended audience, its very possible that what you are looking at, watching, or listening to …wasn’t made for you.

Bry’s Gag Tattoos

White Guy Bry swears that his “small” tattoo (done at Exo Graphix in Destin, FL) gets him laughs at the beach, although he doesn’t say whether they’re laughing at him or with him… Being a pun fan, I personally prefer the tattoo on the right (by Michelle at Mejestik in Tucson, AZ). If you don’t get it, it’s his nipple ring.

He also has STD’s on his ass — I’m sure you can guess that joke (and you can view more silliness on his new IAM page) — but the mirror writing on his chest is really, really sweet… it’s a note from his sister.