Then we spoke about mathematics..

Andy loves cycling and mathematics. So much so that he had this tattooed by Jase of Art ‘n’ Soul Tattoo in Devon, England, and by the looks of things he cycled home after the tattoo session. Now that’s dedication!

It’s the bicycle power formula, it describes the various forces against which I’ve battled for pretty much every week of the last quarter century!

Enjoy things bicycle related? Click here, here and here.

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A 486 is a Terrible Thing to Waste

This BSD vs. Linux war has gone on long enough! Who in their right mind could look up at that image of utmost depravity and violation and not realize that this feud has reached unacceptable levels of mascot rape? (It was suggested to me, however, that perhaps this was a moment of reconciliation, rather than forced entry. The look on the penguin’s face is hard to read, I’ll admit.)

And because this isn’t a a geeky enough tattoo, the wearer says that “the artist did this to me for a hacked copy of Photoshop.” He added, “What a legend. BSD lives!”

Textual Addiction

I must admit (as is probably obvious) I’ve been storing these text tattoos up for quite some time, and thought now would be as good a time as any to unleash them upon you!

“I never wanted to be different” BMEzine slogan (1, 2, 3) on Ana by Ricardo at Medtattoos, Ermesinde, Portugal.

Farewell tattoo on Seth by Sean at Slingin’ Ink, Oskaloosa, IA.

Occam’s Razor palm tattoo on DistortedSmiles (self-done) in Queens, New York.

Passion for Basketball by Sam of Sam and Liz Tattoos, Rosemead, CA.

Whore Island and “Amelican” tattoos by Frank-N-Berry, Starborn Tattoos, Las Vegas.

Last but not least the ASCII rose and Roman numeral (7) by Josh, Outworld Tattoo, Saint John, NB.

More tomorrow!

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