If the previous post was too high on the new age factor and too low on the geek factor (since it had both), I’ll suggest you may prefer April’s Dalek tattoo, done by Rick at Inkognito in Kingstown… She works as a nanny — I wonder if this will help or hinder this work?

Oldschool Gamer Geek True Love

I wasn’t really going to post any Valentine’s Day themed stuff (although I could bore everyone with long stories of how I found love in a tattoo studio I suppose), but I thought this Pac-Man / Ms. Pac-Man tattoo was just so charming that I had to post it today:


Oh yeah, and…


Actually, I think maybe I will put together a Valentine’s Day entry after all… check back later for an entry dedicated to “The Curse”.

Unintentionally Geeky Tattoos

Argh! Due to some bureaucratic bungle I’ve got to go downtown and do a driver’s license renewal this afternoon (loving the snow though — I got to winch out my neighbor’s car this morning with my truck), but I’ll make some real posts when I return.

Anyway, neither of these tattoos was identified as being a “geek” tattoo but I think that they both will be. The one on the left, Nick’s pirate ship, was done by Big Dave of Lost Art in Ogden, Utah — it’s got to be a Pirate Bay fan tattoo, no? And the one on the right, by Kim in Singapore? Don’t tell me that’s not forever going to be recognized as Goatse inspired!


Speaking of Goatse, I have some awesome ass-themed pictures to post this afternoon, so steel yourself now.