One of these things is not like the other

Sure one of these nails isn’t like the other, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t belong.  It’s images like this one that I wish I had more to give you guys.  All I can tell you is that it was sent in by Mario Sanchez along with a number of other photos, most of which appear to be done with a single needle.  But back to the photo at hand.  By the looks of it, we’ve got a partial finger amputation that has been tattooed to appear as a normal finger.

This just goes to show you the range in which we get here at ModBlog.  Some weeks we’ll be looking at the cross section of a finger by someone who wants a portion of their body removed, while this week we have someone who has lost a portion of their body and is doing something to make it appear that it is still intact.

In any case, it makes a nice addition to the fingernail modification gallery.

A fitting tribute to a fallen friend

As many of you know, the BME community lost one of it’s own last week, Adam Aries. It was several years ago at a party at Shawn’s old place that I first met Adam. We immediately hit it off. However, the next few times I ran into him, I do not believe I ever once recognized him right off the bat. Adam’s personal style was ever changing, ever evolving. His hair, facial hair, dress and in some instances makeup changed so often he was hard to keep up with. So when this random dude came running up to me with a bleach blonde mohawk and makeup that looked like it was done by Divine herself, I had no clue who it was………that is until I saw his telltale  tattoo, a dragon fly on his throat. As soon as I saw that tattoo I instantly knew it was Adam, and I instantly knew I was in for a good time.


Apparently, I am not alone in connecting this trademark tattoo!  I saw this piece posted on Adam’s facebook page, so I contacted the proud wearer of this tattoo, and asked his permission to post it here.  The tattoo is on Andy Mac Kenzie aka Applejack.  Andy was a close friend of Adam’s and is a tattoo apprentice at Pino Bro’s the shop where Adam pierced. The tattoo was done by another close friend and coworker of Adam’s Deirdre Doyle.

My old friend Robin was visiting last night and she said she knew of at least one other person who had gotten a similar dragonfly tribute tattoo. So if you or anyone you know has gotten a tattoo to memorialize Adam, just shoot me an email with the picture, your info and artist credit and I will add it to this post.

May Adam’s legacy, memories, the piercings he did and the music created far outlive his life that was cut way too short.

“My BMEGirl Friday”

It’s Friday.  We’ve had the scar follow-up, and the news is coming up in a couple of hours.  What’s missing?  Oh that’s right, a BMEGirl post.  Today LadyFrankenstein is gracing us with her beauty.

Tattoos by JayJay Dallas, Tiny Miss Becca, Mike Ski, Bailey Robinson, Norm AWR, Theo Mindell @ various studios & conventions (Photo by Sideview Inn).

Knock on wood

When it comes to hand tattoos, Keegan has a knack for giving himself pieces that people will stop and take notice.  2 years ago he freaked former ModBlog writer Jordan out with his Dali inspired palm tattoo.  This time around he’s given himself a wooden hand!

There’s a few more photos in the hand tattoo gallery that are definitely worth a gander.  And if you happen to be in Toronto, you can check out the hand in person at Forever Yonge Ink.

The Friday Follow-up

This week in the follow-up we’re going to take a look at a small cutting.  As you know, the main point of this weekly column is to show people just how scars and brands can heal over time, as well as showcasing the many talented scarification artists out there.  While we have seen scarification used in conjunction with tattoos, either as highlighting or negative space in blackwork, we haven’t seen a scar used to remove a portion of a tattoo.

Toronto’s own Six sent in this series of photos of a small scar he did.  The goal was to use scarification to remove a section of the tattoo that the client wasn’t happy with.

To start with, here is the tattoo in question.  The issue is that the letter “C” isn’t distinctive enough, and the knuckles can easily be mistaken to read “GOLD”.

Following the cutting, you can see just what was removed in order to give the client the look he was after.

To see how this healed up, you’ll have to keep on reading.

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Hanging on the telephone

In a piece reminiscent of Banksy’s works, Jon Goad from Alter Ego Tattoo in Knoxville, TN tattooed this unorthodox design on “abiftw”‘s hand.  With the majority of palm tattoos being a design centralized in the middle of the palm, the off center phone booth, combined with the unique placements of the birds really make this a piece of art.

There are a few more photos of this lovely young woman and her hand in the hand tattoo gallery.