A Return to Mistycism

About a year ago I took a day and dedicated it to Gábor Zagyvai (IAM: Wyrd).  The purpose back then was to highlight just how diverse his skills as a body modification practitioner are.  I ended the day with a piece entitled “Abstract Mistycism” (his spelling) which you can see here.  So now we come to today where Gábor is continuing to produce new works under his abstract mistycism banner.

Casting Call!

I get these e-mails from time to time, and while this one is looking for a pretty specific group of people, it’s safe to say that it can apply to some ModBlog readers.


UP TO $1000 compensation for lost wages and location fees. We’re looking for subjects for a new documentary-style television series.  Do you love animals? Have you transformed your life to be more like them? To look more like them? Eat more like they do? Live more like them?

A thought provoking new TV series wants to hear from you!  We are interested in trying to understand any unique animal or primal behavior!  Submit your story here: [email protected]

Thank you!

Of course I can’t just post something like this without a photo, so here’s GoatTeaParty’s goat tattoo!

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Rub his head for good luck

We’ve seen half of Joeltron‘s head before when we took a look at his Tron recognizer tattoo.  Today we’ve got a look at the back of his head where Tominator added a good luck kitty using the BME Smile Cat logo.  That kitty may look tough, but when your tank exhaust has little red hearts coming out of it, the tough level goes down and the cute level goes up.

Pink spots

This young lady is PiercedNymphaea, and she’s showing off not only her piercings, but also the healed leopard spots on the side of her head.  I like that her hair, make-up, jewelry and tattoos all match up.  Although I’d imagine if she wanted to change up her color scheme she’d need to take quite a bit of time changing her jewelry and re-dyeing her hair.  In any case, she’s looking good, and wearing her spots proudly.

Bright ideas

According to Marissa, this will probably be the last time anyone sees this design.  This is one of those great examples of just how personal a tattoo can be.  We’ve all had moments where some stranger has asked us “what does that mean?”, hell it happened last night to me with a particularly nosy waiter.  For Marissa, she knows that the tattoo is there, she knows what it looks like, and what it means to her.  Which is all that should matter.

Tattoo by Mike Moses from Thicker Than Water in NYC.

It ain’t easy being green

Happy St.Patrick’s day everyone!  Today’s the day that you wear green to work, drink green beer at the bar, pass by green dyed waterways, convince strangers to kiss you even if you’re not Irish, and eventually vomit green by the end of the night.

So to honor the green theme of the day, we’ll kick things off with the beautiful Miss.VeraVoodoo in a distinctly green tinted photoshoot in the back of her ’53 Chevy Bel Air.

Vera sent in quite a few photos that you can check out in several galleries including the neck tattoo gallery, and the stretched lobe gallery.  The artists responsible for Vera’s artwork include DJ Richardson, Samantha Provin, Dan Ross, and Little Linda.  Piercings by Dustin Mathis.

The spider in the flower of life

IAM: Sleazy sent in this image of his newest addition.  It’s a dot-work flower of life, framed by a spider’s web.  Physically it fits his head really well, and the design is well executed.  It seems that the flower of life seems to be a common design choice when paired with dot-work, and it’s easy to see why.  The chaos of the dots coalescing into a universal design creates a sense of order where there is none.  The framing of the web, at least to me, appears to be what is holding the flower inside.  Internally there is both chaos and order, held together only by the smallest of threads.

Fil from Broad Street Studio in Bath is the artist.

Gazing downward

I try to avoid posting heavily photoshopped images, but in the case of this photo, the photoshopping is what helps establish the tone of the image.  It also doesn’t distract from his piercings and tattoo which really stand out here.

This photo was uploaded anonymously to the piercing galleries, so if you know who the gentleman in the photo is, please speak up.