Did you know Alfred Hitchcock’s classic horror flick “The Birds” was originally made to be released as a 3-d movie some 40 years before the hoopla that is “Avatar”? When I was but a young little freakling, my parents took me to Universal Studios theme park where they showed “The Birds” as originally intended, in 3-D. I remember the birds would land on the heads of people just a few rows up from us and peck at their heads and I was in awe of the fact no one was screaming as they were being viciously attacked.

This movie experience gave me nightmares for many, many weeks. It’s around 25 years later and I felt like I was over this ridiculous fear of birds attacking my head until this BME contributor submitted this photo which give me haunting flash backs.

It’s a simple, simple design but striking to me nonetheless. Plus as someone with full head coverage, I think about how a tattoo will look with some hair growing in over it. A bold design like this will still be apparent through a few weeks worth of hair growth, yet subtle enough to not be noticed by everyone right off the bat, which can be a good compromise if subtlety is required.


Tattoo by Brent Cummings Holeshot Tattoo Amherst, Ma.

Did that hurt?

“Did that hurt?”, is the bane of every visibly modified persons existence.  However, when asked in a more detailed and honestly inquisitive manner, I don’t mind nearly as much. For instance when another curious tattooed person ask about my head tattoos, I always answer honestly. The right side was excruciatingly  painful and the left side was only mildly torturous. So I have much respect for anyone I see with heavy coverage on their head, such as this bright leopard print head tattoo by Ben Riegle, Off the Map, Easthampton,Ma


Lollipops and Crisps

Comparatively speaking, head tattoos are a pretty low-risk investment, no? Sure, nobody’s happy with a shitty tattoo, but at least if there’s a screw-up atop your noggin, more often that not, nobody else has to know about it. With that said, though, we guess we’re just lucky that so many of the ones we receive are of the sort for which people should be proud to strut around clean-shaved—like this one, say, or these bad boys. Or, you know, the one above by Tattoo Joe at Physical Graffiti Tattoo in Bridgeport, Connecticut, which makes a fine addition to the canon, we think.

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Rolling On Some Stunning Ground

We’re shutting it down a bit early today, you handsome devils, because your editor has a flight to catch. On the bright side, we’re going to be live on the scene at Tattoo Hollywood for the rest of the week! Expect frequent updates, exclusive interviews, and all the mystery and intrigue one can expect from sunny Los Angeles. Will Phil ever find the perfect fish taco? Will I ever escape from the La Brea tar pits? Only time will tell, folks. Only time will tell. Until then, enjoy this beautiful head tattoo, coming to us from freakgarcia. More shots, after the jump.

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Always a Bloody Owl

Whoa hey, it’s Countess Grotesque, checking in with one hell of a hearty mohawk, among other lovely adornments! Those adornments being, of course, the various symbols and insignia tattooed on her head and neck, not to mention a (to my eyes) damn-near flawless make-up-and-jewel job. Also? Bright green fishnets. What’s that song again? “My Stockings Are So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades”? Something like that.

Oh, you’d like another picture? We’ve got you covered. Guess where to find it.

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A Step at a Time

Now, if the eyes are supposed to be the windows to the soul, then where do you reckon the skull porthole fits in? This fine piece on Natasha’s noggin comes to us from Maxime (also), currently apprenticing at The Leu Family Iron in Lausanne, Switzerland, which, hey, nice work if you can get it. And, hey, because you asked so nicely, there’s a close-up after the jump.

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