He’s a lumberjack and he’s ok

Of course this mountain man is doing ok, look at what he’s carrying home to his cabin in the woods, the adorable JackeeLynn.  I’m pretty sure this may actually be considered porn to some people.  The beard, the tattoos, the flannel, what more could you ask for in a guy?  And of course, Jackee, with her shorts in the winter look, that screams tough, especially when you consider that they’re in Vancouver!

I can neither confirm nor deny if Dirk wears women’s clothing, but I do know he has a passion for hanging around, and has been known to visit a bar or two in his time.

BMEBoy, Beard, and Blackwork

I’m pretty certain there are quite a few ModBlog readers who would list those three things as their favorite ModBlog topics.  So why not put them all together?

This dashing young man goes by the name of Somekindarobot, and wouldn’t you know it, it’s his birthday tomorrow!  So lets wish this bearded gent a very happy birthday.

If you’re a big fan of his arm, you can check out more in the tribal and blackwork gallery.

Movember = No Shave November

So while today has been all about the mustache, we must not forget about the best form of facial hair, the beard!

Thankfully with No Shave November upon us, a lot of beards are starting to show up in the galleries.  And with every good beard, a mustache is sure to follow.

Now, seeing as how this is a beard post, and knowing how much the ModBlog readers love their bearded men, I figured might as well post an image not only of a beard, but of a bearded zombie lumberjack.


Big thanks to Overkill for sending in this photo of his Halloween costume.  Or was the the photo of his normal attire?

Beard Love

The mighty beard.  An ancient symbol of greatness, and the bold embodiment of all that is awesome.  With fall in full swing in the northern hemisphere, the time is nigh for all those who can grow beards to unleash the power that is the beard.  Bearduary is only a few months away, and you don’t want to be left with a bald face when the day of revelry is upon us.

To those unable to grow a beard, fret not as you can show your support to the beards around you in many ways.  Just look at this tattoo by Savannah Brayton from Washington, NJ.  This is a person who loves beards and isn’t afraid to hide it.

I <3 Beards

So men of ModBlog, start growing your beards now, and send in your photos.  Every BMEBoy in Bearduary will be sporting a beard, don’t be left out.  In the meantime, Movember is just around the corner, so if you’ve got a mustache, send in those pictures as well.  And to the ladies of ModBlog, if you’ve got some way of expressing your love of the beard, lets see it as well.

What exactly is going on here?

Of course there were a TON of suspension photos from the recent Dallas Suspension Practitioners Convention. Yet, while digging through the hundreds of photos in the ritual gallery, this totally sans-suspension photo jumped out at me. Maybe because it involves old friends of mine, or perhaps just because it is so totally random and awkward. That random awkwardness is what makes it captures the true spirit of most of the mod events I have been to better than the more typical posed, or serious shots.


The picture belongs to Brian.

The beard belongs to Micah.

The look of shock and awe belongs to Scot.

That hand, I am pretty damn certain that belongs to no other than Shawn Porter.

Matthew’s March Mustache Madness Modblog

Try saying that 10 times fast!

If any man on IAM can inspire beard envy, it’s iam. matthew. Not only does he have a beard of epic proportions, but at the time of this picture, he had only 4 1/2 month of growth involved! As most of us know, no true beard is complete without a mustache (Sorry Abe Lincoln) and it is the killer swirl of hair upon his upper lip that has qualified him for this month’s special feature. The 1-3/8″ lobes, 12g medusa, 14g lip, and 10g nostril add to the qualifications.


If you can not grow a mustache, or for whatever reason you choose not to grow a mustache but you still want a way to add to you appearance, I suggest hitting up the 30% off sale on BMEshop! Use the coupon code “worldtour” to get 30% on EVERYTHING except for needles, punches and anesthetics. Everything else is on sale though from Tshirts to Prints and Books, DVD’s to every kind of jewelry we have in stock!

Take Him By the Tail

Oh hey, it’s Nik Santos! Here he is, amusing the local schoolchildren in Grass Valley, California (possibly?) with his comically over-sized 5/8″-inch thick “bull ring from hell,” as he puts it. What’s the best way to win over young Nik? “If you’re straight edge, have mods or get naked,” he says, “we could be friends.” We think he’ll get along juuust fine.

After the jump, Nik becomes ensnared in an organic finger-trap. Let this be a cautionary tale to ye all.

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Tattoo Hollywood, Day Two: The Revengening

Hoo boy, we are still combing through the thousands (!) of images from last weekend’s inaugural Tattoo Hollywood convention, but there are some gems in there. With three photographers going, we couldn’t be there for every photo (and as such may not be able to give proper artist credits in every shot), but hopefully these at least convey the atmosphere of the weekend. After the jump? Day two at the convention, including Saturday night’s after-party.

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