I Want My Scalps

Sometimes, when a more bizarre or controversial item comes across our desk, we have a pretty good idea of what the general community reaction will be; sometimes people approve of these items, and sometimes they do not. Swastikas, though surely not as hot-button as they once were (provided they’re presented in the proper context), still yield fairly unpredictable results. With that said, let’s go out on the brown note today with this, Diabolo‘s throbbing, purple-headed Swasticock, tattooed by Gema at Indigo in Norwich, UK.

“While being a bit controversial,” he says, “it is one of my favorite tattoos. I’ll be having it extended round my waist at some point, and will be having ‘Hitler was a dick’ written in Hebrew above it next month.” Glorious. Until tomorrow, fair ModBloggers.

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