John Waters, Eat Your Heart Out

There are very few people that can successfully pull of a pencil ‘stache without attracting the attention of Chris Hanson.  Salvador Dali did it, Raoul Julia was able to do it occasionally, Prince became a sex symbol with his, and of course John Waters has been rocking his for decades.  Now when many of us were kids, especially those of us with dads who had a mustache, a pencil could easily transform into a mustache.  Just stick it under your nose and curl your top lip.  It was the memory of doing that as a kid that led IAM: Ominous Angus to get this finger tattoo.  To him it’s a reminder to never grow too old.

You say you want a revolution

I’m sure some of you have heard of the recent legal troubles artist Shepard Fairey ( has been going through.  Regardless of that his art is still some of the most recognizable of this generation, including this piece of a revolutionary woman with a brush.  IAM: AStarOnFire had tattoo artist Ryan Hewell of The Big Easy Tattoo in Broomfield, CO tattoo this recreation of Fairey’s art on her arm.


I thought about saving this photo for a Halloween post, as it definitely would fit in with the colours and theme of the holiday.  But then I realized it was just too awesome to wait to post, so here you go.

Even without the watermark, it’s pretty obvious this is one of Nail‘s tattoos.  The orange line work is what gives it away as one of his, acting as a sort of signature.

The Friday Follow-up

This week’s follow-up was actually supposed to be up last week, but thanks to some technical difficulties it had to be put off a week.  Today’s scar was cut about 3 months ago by Richard ‘Effin’ Ivey, and features everybody’s favorite non-bear bear.

So that’s how it looked fresh, and here’s how it looks today…

Now Richard is moving to the west coast in a few weeks, so those of you looking to get work done while he’s still in Raleigh, NC should book a spot now.  Hopefully we’ll still continue to get updates of healing scars after Rich moves.