Stretched (6ga) Glass Industrial

I just got an interesting photo from Tommy in Germany, who wears a 4mm (about 6ga) glass bar, made for him by the talented folks at Gorilla Glass. The piercing started as a normal 14ga industrial, and over five years Tommy stretched it up using normal steel rings, never finding any jewelry he really liked until discovering Gorilla Glass. Much of the time he wears two separate short glass plugs, but here in the picture he’s using the 55mm (just over 2″) long glass bar with round ends, secured with O-rings. The bar is quite solid, having survived a few falls, and I suspect with that any guaranteed-concussion blow to the noggin hard enough to break the bar, the broken bar would be the least of his worries.


Nasal Orbital

Ruslan, who has both large nostrils and a septum (which can function as a nasallang) just posted a unique looking picture of himself wearing a ring through them, making for a nasal orbital, a very unusual look. It instantly reminded me of another creative icon in this community — there’s a 2007 photo on ModBlog of Eaten Placenta wearing a similar configuration.


An eclectic mix

Joeltron isn’t the only one out there making custom jewelry for his clients.  Richard Ivey also has been making small pieces to go into ears.  Below you can see a custom bent industrial, in addition to the rest of the piercings, including the surface one next to the ear.

If you’re looking to get one of those little hearts for yourself, look no further than the BMEShop.

Orbits within orbits

I might not normally post such a “simple piercing” (which this isn’t), but I’m on a science-high when it comes to the word “orbit-anything” after reading a few days ago that a whole slew of new extra-solar planets have been discovered, at least a dozen of them in the habitable zone of the stars they rotate around. This most recent set is a mix of super-earths (rocky planets like the Earth, but a little larger) and small gas giants (which could easily have moons capable of supporting life). One of the many things that makes me want to live as absolutely long as possible is all the new extrasolar planets we’re discovering, and the new space telescopes we’re putting up capable of imaging them — capable of actually taking pictures of planets around other stars. Eventually we will find one with the telltale nighttime energy use, like when you look at the Earth at night from space. I am 100% certain that intelligent alien life will be confirmed (if not communicated with) in my daughter’s lifetime, and that it will be on a large scale.

BUT GETTING BACK TO THIS PIERCING… This is a just wonderful placement of a nested pair of orbitals in a helix done by Shaun Benesh of Primo Ink in Grand Rapids, MN. For any piercers or technique obsessed readers, He adds that in an ideal world he would have placed the rings a little higher up the ear, but she had some giant blood vessels that he had to avoid. Shaun gave this client one of those piercings that sits in a wonderful niche — “safe” enough for the mainstream office, but something that will still “wow” piercing fans.


Jewelry for Vampire Killers

I’m totally geeking over this super cool piercing done by Lee McFarland, a piercer at Oak City Tattoo & Piercing in North Carolina. It’s actually a quite standard piercing when it comes right down to it, a three point industrial done with very clever placement and great looking custom jewelry by Body Vision. The whole thing threads together and “fakes” the blades/arms of the cross going through the helix. I have to admit it would be awesome if it was pierced through big full-size slots, but all things considered, this is the responsible way to do this that’s more likely to have success for the client. Superb work. Looks like there’s one piece of bar (the one on the “blade” end) that’s going to have to be shortened and perhaps have the angle slightly altered, but this is a simple matter — better to have erred on the side of too long than have it be too short and wreck the piercing.

Click to zoom!

The Jingler Piercing

I’ve seen a lot of nice work coming out of Ace’s Piercing and Modification by Ronnie and Gage in San Diego, and this double industrial is no exception. If it’s not obvious, the one is very traditional, but the vertical one comes down, does a little hop, the pulls in over the “rook ridge”, does a spin/coil, and then exits out the back of the inner conch. Olympic dive or what? But what gets me is that there’s a CBR trapped in it. That would drive me NUTS with all the jingling and jangling right inside my ear!!! But I showed it to Caitlin and she laughed at me and said I was the most irritable person in the world that goes crazy at the slightest little noise, and that no normal person would be bothered.


Here’s something you don’t see every day

It seems like IAM: .Trevor. is on a roll with the ModBlog posts.  Yesterday we saw a couple of his corsets, and today we’ve got an interesting little ear project involving a small surface bar.

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