Elbows and knees

“You have two elbows, You have two knees
Perhaps you’ve wondered why you need these

They can be funny looking there is no doubt
But here’s how elbows and knees can help you out”


“Hanging down from a trapeze
You need your legs bending at the knees”

-Tyrone Davis “Elbows and Knees“, Sesame Street

Here’s another shot from one of the monthly Suspension Sundays that Christchurch’s Skindependent Suspension holds.  You should go check out their BME Gallery as it has quite a few more photos of this suspension in particular, including some close-ups of that forehead hook.  I’ve never seen a suspension quite like this before, so if anyone has a name for it, I’m all ears.  From what I can tell it’s an 8pt leg, 6pt forearm, 1pt forehead coma.

Olso lounging

It’s always fun to see Arseniy from #Leeds Airlines (Russia) suspend.  He’s behind the scenes of so many fantastic suspensions, it’s good to see him get up.  This suspension took place at Oslo Suscon, and was facilitated by an all-star cast of practitioners.  With the help of Havve from Wings of Desire (Norway), Matt “Superboy” Kirk from Skindependant (New Zealand), and Lari from Finland, Arseniy went up in a 3 point, 1 knee, 2 elbow suspension that he then transferred into a single point knee.

Do a barrel roll!

Alright, maybe not a barrel roll, but how about a backflip?

Emily‘s SusCon suspension was definitely one to remember.  While there weren’t a lot of photos taken (there was a lot going on at the time) her backflip suspension was one of the more technically challenging suspensions of the weekend.  This photo was taken right at the beginning of the suspension, with her hanging by her elbows and knees.  Rick from AGRO is supervising, as the backflip was about to start.

From this position her elbow hooks were cut free, dropping her into a knee suspension.    After hanging there for a few minutes, the rigging was quickly changed, and she was swung backwards so that the hooks in her back could be attached to the rigging plate.  Once she was hanging face down, her knees were cut, dropping her into a 2 point suicide, where she hung for the rest of her time in the air.

Since I last posted about the Dallas SusCon a number of other photos have been added to the gallery, so go on over and check them out.

The power of three

What’s better than three gorgeous women standing in a row?  How about three gorgeous women suspending on a spinning bar.

If you recognize the room, it’s because that’s the same room in Moscow The Sinner Team used for their last tandem suspension.

This particular suspension consisted of a 4pt elbow suspension, and two 2pt knee suspensions.  There are a lot more photos in the Sinner Team’s gallery, so just click on the picture above to check them out.

Teamwork gets it done

In an effort to keep trying new and different things, The Sinner Team put together this triple tandem suspension.

Here’s the breakdown of the hook placements.  On top is an 8 point knee(?) suspension, although the hooks start at his knees and move up his thigh.  From there he has 6 hooks in his chest, and another 6 in his back to hold up the square rigging plate.  On the bottom is a single point chest, and a 4 point resurrection.  According to the description given, the extra hooks on the top were there to relieve the pressure on the spine, which was an issue with earlier tandem suspensions.

And here is the team that put it all together.

As always, The Sinner Team documented everything, and you can check out all the steps involved in the team portfolio gallery.

Gratuitous knee suspension

What better way to counter-balance this morning’s BMEBoy post, than with a gratuitous BMEGirl post.  msnaughtya here also happens to be hanging from her knees, so that’s always a good thing.

There are lot more photos in the knee suspension gallery that are definitely worth checking out.  The suspension was done in Columbus, OH by Mute-One, with photo credit going to Todd Eko

Stretching it out

Lately we’ve been seeing a lot of big dramatic suspensions on ModBlog, so today we’re going to go back to basics with a really peaceful looking single knee suspension.

You can see just how at peace he is while his body is in a relaxed state hanging by his knee.  While suspensions can be for fun and for show, it’s good to remember that they’re also a way to get in touch with one’s spiritual side, and use the time in the air as a time of meditation and reflection.