Captain Cavemaaaaaaaaan!!

Bradde is one wild and crazy guy.  Sure these photos were taken on Halloween, but this is how he normally dresses.

And here’s a closer look at those hooks in his nipples.

This was all part of Mercury Suspension Team‘s Halloween show.

The BMEShop is having a sale right now!


Just use the code 30offbme when you check out!

Supa sized branding

I did a quick search for Supa in the archives and didn’t turn up any results, which is a shame because we’ve all been missing out on taking a look at the incredible brandings that he has on his head.

Supa is a member of Kaptive8 Suspension Crew who just opened up a BME Gallery of their own, so we should be seeing a lot more from Supa and the rest of the crew.  Anti, Supa’s teammate from Kaptive8 did the brandings.

For love…

Well to wrap up today’s “love” theme, here’s a couple of IAMers, who met and fell in love thanks to BME.

On the right is ILoveHanson, and on the left is Adrian.

They’re just one of many happy couples that have met through BME.  You can see more in the couples who met through BME gallery.

Have a happy Valentine’s day everyone.

The Noble Platypus

It’s been a little while since we last checked in with IAM’s resident human platypus Jenya.  Aside from his fantastic mods, he also exudes so much joy.  When he e-mailed me a little while back with these photos he had mentioned that because of some health problems he had to reduce the size of his lip plates to a 32mm medusa and 58mm labret, but he’s doing better and is back on track to reaching his goal of a 100mm medusa and 200mm labret.  I really love that when he was telling me the size of his lips in the photo he was saying that they’re small.  I guess size is relative.  Either way, this human platypus and his impressive collection of modifications is always a treat to post.

Now that’s a bloody nose

Seeing as how the last post was all about fighting, let’s keep the theme going.  I remember when I was a young kid, my dad told me if I ever got into a fight to hit the other kid square in the nose.  It’ll drop them to the ground and fill their eyes with tears.

Now when Seeingred got punched in the nose, his eyes certainly watered up, and a lot of blood started flowing.  Of course he got his nose punched a little differently than a couple of kids in a fight would be capable of.

Dorian Vilify from Custom Steel and Ink in Flint, MI was the guy who got to punch him in the nose..  with a 2g punch.

All choked up

Zentriratna here puts new meaning to the term “getting choked up”.  Someone who is more familiar with corseting can probably correct me, but it seems that if this type of corseting had a name it would be called a “choker”.  Not in the violent sense mind you, but along the lines of those tight necklaces, which fits in with the visual style of corsets anyway.

Of course whether it has a name or not isn’t as important as Zentriratna is, who is looking quite stunning in the photo.

Extreme Nose Picking!

Ok, well extreme might not be the best choice of word given we’ve seen a guy amputate his thumb this week.  But can you think of a better way to describe this nose picking technique that brunolorencini is using?  You know a booger is one tough S.O.B. when you need to grab a 6mm dermal punch to get at it.

You can check out the rest of the photos from the procedure in the big nostril gallery.  Including a great shot of the hole before the jewelry was put in.

Movember Monday

It’s Movember Monday again, and this week it’s going to be mustaches all day long!

As someone pointed out last week, Movember is more than just the celebration of the 2nd best type of facial hair, it’s a way to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer.

To kick things off today we have xZBx, showing solidarity with the mustachioed amongst us.

Sure that may not be a real mustache, but it’s in the spirit of the month, so we’ll let it slide.  Plus his large gauge lip piercing is nice to look at as well.

There will be blood

Oh yes, there will be blood when your ear is cut like the image below.


Now, if you’re like me and only took a quick glance at the image, you’re probably thinking right now “holy crap he cut his ear off!”.  Well, that isn’t the case today.  DorianVilify uploaded this image of a large gauge helix piercing he performed recently.  From the angle of the image I can’t tell if he used a punch or scalpel  to cut it out, but in either case, there was definitely a lot of blood involved.  You can get a better look at it from the side in the cartilage gallery.

It’s interesting to think of how the image of blood affects different people.  For the squeamish, this image probably creeped them out, to others this is just an average picture and nothing to be concerned with, and yet for some, this is a huge turn on.  What are your thoughts about the image itself?  Does the blood make the image stand out?  Or is it just a distraction from the ear?

Sometimes bigger is better

IAM:Twosteps sent in this shot of himself the other day, and unless I’m missing something it looks like he’s managed to stretch all of his piercings above the neck.


I know that the concept of “bigger is better” has been discussed on ModBlog recently, but in the case of Twosteps here, he shows off that for him, bigger is definitely better.  When it comes to stretching out any piercing, there’s a degree of commitment made towards an eventual goal.  I use the term commitment because the act of stretching is a long and involved process.  Of course it can be sped up at points with the assistance of a skilled practitioner, but over time there is only so much outside assistance one can get.  In the end it takes both mental and physical commitment to the goal for it to be realized.  So in addition to the time it takes to stretch something out, there is also the need for patience, because we all know what can happen if a stretching is rushed.

Thankfully for Twosteps here, it looks like everything is going well on his part.  I don’t know if he’s done with everything or not, but the matching jewelry, combined with the placementof the piercings, really make the big piercings look great on him.