Double Navel Piercing From The Archives

While snooping around the Very Unusual Piercings I found this photo which is…very unusual. A double navel piercing uploaded by SaintMary in 2004 that is a bit more interesting than it might sound.

Two is better than one.

Two is better than one.

Now since this is an older photo (2004 is so ancient right?) if this has been covered before I apologize and give you permission to yell at me in the comments. Click through to see the closeup!
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Loving Life, BMEGirl Style

Recognize that navel project?  You’ve seen it before.  What about those star tattoos?  Yep, you’ve seen them too.  In fact every time I’ve posted this BMEGirl, she gets nothing but praise.  So I decided to give you guys and gals a treat.  A double shot of beauty, BMEGirl style.

If you want to see the other photo, you’ll have to keep on reading.  Let’s just say it’s clickthrough worthy.

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Piercing Chakras

We’ve seen quite a few forehead microdermals designed to represent the third eye, however we don’t see a lot of projects that continue the line of chakras down the body.  WonderfulMouse here has gone out and gotten a series of four microdermals that represent the Swadhisthana, Manipura, Anahata, and Vishuddha chakras.  It’s worth noting that her jewelry choice matches the color that represents each chakra.

Microdermals by Jeremy from Deep Roots in Seattle, WA.

Congrats Dotty!

This stunning photo shows Dotty at 29 weeks pregnant. A few weeks later Talina was born (on March 30th at 12:59 AM), after 21 hours of labor. She was 10 pounds 9 ounces, and 22 inches long.


BME always get excited when one of our own has a child, it gives us a wee glimmer of hope for the next generation.  To see Talina’s picture, keep on keeping on.

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Is that a threat or a promise?

Dark Freak is certainly looking the part for his IAM name. Thiago Marzano snapped this shot of him in Brasil and it definitely doesn’t change my opinion that all of the BME Brasilian members are either heavily modded, good looking or both. 2010 is going to be a busy year because I already have plans to go to Japan, Italy and most certainly I’ll be heading to Brasil. I’m hoping we can put together a big Brasilian BME BBQ because that would be tons of fun. I can only imagine what beautiful tropical setting we can fill with BME’ers!


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A Fist Like This

Let’s wrap up the day with Absinthe‘s new stomach tattoo, done by John Walsh at Tattoo Zone in Southampton, England. Is it a My Ruin reference, perhaps? A general statement about where he stands in society? Or something far more sinister? Chew on that. (Or wait and see what he has to say, I guess.)

Enjoy the evening, ModBloggers. We’ll see you tomorrow.

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