Is anyone interested in history?

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Rachel has graciously allowed me access to the ModBlog control panel. I’m not really sure what I’m going to do with it, to be honest. I already have a bunch of blogs that you may or may not read- ScarWars, Occult Vibrations and my own personal diary site, so what can I offer to you folks here at Modblog?

History maybe?

My passion is the documentation of the things that I love. Always has been. I’m one of those folks who wants to know everything about the things that interest me. Luck (and a birthday in the 1970s) placed me right smack dab in the middle of the cultural shift in the Body Modification community, when the older generation and the younger generation met and everything changed. Jack Yount (pictured above) was instrumental in teaching me about those who came before me as well as instilling a desire in me to document and preserve those lessons.

So tell me ModBlog… If I post it, will you read it? Are there still folks out there that want to know who Jack Yount was, or what a U-Tube is? What connection Cliff Raven had to Ed Hardy or how old Brian Skellie was the first time I saw him naked?

Remember that there’s a comment section and let me hear from you. I want interaction on Modblog!

Nip Split

This is one of those cautionary tales that somehow turned out all right in the end.  Of course, it took the help of three modification artists to make it happen, but I’d say it was worth it.  Here’s the story in Joeltron’s words.

Originally pierced at 12g and stretched WAY too fast to 12mm (by himself) with acrylic stretchers. Never a good thing, especially for this poor nipple! After the reconstruction they are nearly totally back to normal, except for a little bit of lost sensation.

So with the help of Howie and B-Slice, Joel was able to revert this nipple disaster.

Innies to outies

I regularly pierce clients who have inverted or slightly inverted nipples. Although it’s way more common than they’d think, most of them feel very self conscious about them and what they don’t realize is that in most cases, inverted nipples may be “corrected” by piercing.

This is a photo log of a client of mine who had severely inverted nipples and wanted to have them pierced in hopes of correcting them. She agreed to help me keep track of the healing progress by coming back once a week for updated photos.

To see the entire process, keep on reading.

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Two for one

I did some digging and from what I can tell, we haven’t featured scalpelled nipples on ModBlog since 2008.  According to Gábor (IAM: Wyrd) the nipples were scalpelled to 6mm.  On top of the nipples, Gábor also did the tattoo on the back of the client’s hand.

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Captain Cavemaaaaaaaaan!!

Bradde is one wild and crazy guy.  Sure these photos were taken on Halloween, but this is how he normally dresses.

And here’s a closer look at those hooks in his nipples.

This was all part of Mercury Suspension Team‘s Halloween show.

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When it comes to scarification pieces, sometimes a detailed cutting isn’t what the person being scarred wants.  Sickpuppie here had his scars done by Kelly D, which fit nicely with his series of five microdermals.  Asymmetrical pieces such as this always evoke reactions from people, either positive or negative, simply because the human brain is wired to look for symmetry.  Combining the asymmetry with a minimalistic design really makes this project stand out as something fairly unique.

It also looks like one of his nipple piercings is diagonal while the other is horizontal.  You can see more scars, both minimal and elaborate in the scarification galleries.

Geared up for a scar

Earlier today we saw how the modifications on a young woman’s face really accentuated her beauty.  I thought I should even it up for those who prefer to see modified boys.  Now I’m not sure if the guy in the picture is a steampunk fan, a Gears of War fan, a mechanic, or something else entirely, but what I do know is that he really must like the gear design as that’s a lot of flesh that was removed for the scar.


So what do you think?  Does the scar on this guy work as well as the piercings and tattoos from the girl earlier today?