Bigger and Bigger

Following up on yesterday’s most impressive play piercing session, we’re pleased to show off the latest submission from valued ModBlog contributor Cris Black out of Atlanta, Georgia, who just kicks all kinds of play-piercing ass, all the time.

Here’s a 20-piece chest play project I did on my friend (who wants to be known only as E.). Other than her septum and lobes, she has no other piercings and no tattoos, so I was very happy to have been able to help her with he first foray into play piercing. I was assisted in this project by my new apprentice, Haley, who was also one of the models for the wings play-piercing that has been featured here on ModBlog.

More after the jump? More after the jump.

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The Fairest in Creation

And finally, gentle readers, let us conclude our broadcast day with this calming shot of Tribal Headhunter of Evora, Portugal, showing off one hell of a handsome backpiece by Guru while relaxing on a beach on the Island of Farol. Is there a click-through? Of course there’s a click-through.

Until tomorrow, folks.

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The Spring Will Come

Well, isn’t this a lovely surprise! Lindsey May makes her triumphant return to ModBlog after a prolonged, inexplicable absence. Here she is, lounging pretty hard, wearing pumps inside because why the hell not, right? Never underestimate the power of a good high-heeled shoe. This, of course, is just a moment of relative calm before tragedy strikes! After the jump, Lindsey is accosted by what must be the storm of the century, or some other terrible force that just tears off most of her clothes. Luckily, her wonderful tattoo work by Craig Driscoll and Pol was left unscathed. I guess when you put it like that, everyone’s kind of a winner here.

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I Rained Down Sulphur, Man

Good morning, folks! Let’s start off our day with this shot of Loki and his wife, Jannet, coming straight to us from St. Petersburg, Russia, with love. Lovely, right? It takes a strong bond for a couple to commit to matching hair cuts, but these two? This right here is nothing if not a power couple. And so the Old Country’s incredible ModBlog streak continues!

(Implants on Loki’s arm are self-done.)

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A Dream Can Mean Anything

Ha, what a lovely coincidence—for the second week in a row, we kick off our Friday with a nice young lady with an upper-body bird tattoo! This time around, it’s the peacock-feathered generously housing a small hummingbird on her right rib (among other piece not quite visible in this photo). Cute! And hey, after the jump, FULL FRONTAL…ish.

It’s Friday, ModBloggers—remember to remember me.

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Gimme A Tuba

Oh boy you guys, mom and dad are gonna be PISSED when they see this paint everywhere, right? No? Oh, it’s just Kevin and Seth, having a good time while Niki snaps some shots? Well, fine. You kids got lucky this time. And, if that’s the case, then, uh, I think you missed a spot.

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Sweat, Tears or the Sea

It’s the end of the week, friends, and you know what that means, right? Casual Fridays are back! And this time, Ari makes his unprecedented second Casual Friday appearance! This time, though, instead of hanging brain with porn stars, he is alone, desperately alone, in the vast and sprawling salt flats of Salt Lake City, Utah. Also, he is not wearing any pants, which is what we are largely concerned with. Really though, these are some excellent pictures by Tom Clark. And wouldn’t you know it, we’ve got a few more after the jump. Where else?

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The Milk’s Gone Bad

“But why?” you ask. “Why would someone get a tattoo of a palm tree built out of a hilarious dick and balls?” Who knows? Maybe the wearer is from the islands—nude islands. Maybe she asked for three simple stars to be tattooed, then fell asleep and woke up with this. Maybe it’s some sort of dick-in-palm masturbation joke, of which I would approve entirely. The truth is, we may never know why. But, there is a question we can answer: Not why a person would get this tattoo, but where? The answer, my friends, is beyond the click-through.

(Tattoo by Lazlow at Altered Images in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.)

Just a Bystander


We all took turns admiring this wonderful corset piece a few days ago, largely because of how well it was coordinated with the wearer’s dress. Well, here we have some more lovely pierced corsetry, albeit placed slightly differently. I have to say, though, this project is a bit more difficult to fit into a whole ensemble, especially for a wedding. Unless, you know, she’s just wearing a pair of old school Keds or something. Hmm…hey, photo shoot idea!

And of course, all the click-through and post-jump images you’ve come to know and love and expect from we here at ye olde ModBlog.

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This Week in BME

We saw her just the other day, but I thought it was about time we checked in with the lovely MeltBanana to see how her wild palm-print scarification (by Lukas) is healing. Up above is the piece six months in and, while I’d love to get a color photo at some point, this is coming along superbly.

And just like the sands of time, friends, another week has run itself down. What did we learn this time?

- Everybody likes girls in high heels with breast microdermals, the end.

- Chicago is way ahead of the curve, with some tattoo artists offering free cover-ups to people wanting to erase past gang affiliations.

- If you’ve got syndactyly, just cut them bitches apart. Or, alternately, get a cute tattoo.

- Hey, check out some readers’ book suggestions over here.

- The lovely Samar just can’t take a bad photo, suspending or otherwise.

- Tattoo Highway is the mountain-top of reality television, or something.

- Lionel slays, every time, without exception.

So that was fun! You know what happens next. We’ll pop in throughout the weekend and, provided Thomas Pendleton and crew don’t run me over with their bus, we’ll be back to full strength come Monday morning. Until then, have fun, stay safe and, of course, thank you for your continued support of BME.