Turning the other cheek

One of the rarer piercings that pop up in the galleries are dahlia piercings.  While we see cheek piercings from time to time, dahlias seem to not be as prevalent.  Below is a young lady sporting dahlias by Brian Sane from Sink the Ink in Doylestown, PA.

You can see more of this beauty in the cheek piercing gallery.

I’m pretty sure she’s wearing false eyelashes, because if she isn’t I know a bunch of people who will be extremely jealous.

New Year’s BMEBoy

Well for some odd reason, there aren’t any heavily modified babies to have as the BME New Year’s baby, so you’ll have to do with a BMEBoy instead.  Now, as the baby is normally portrayed pushing aside an old man with a beard, it’ll be only fitting if Evan here were to start growing his beard again for the new year.  Who knows, maybe by this time next year he’ll have himself a nice epic beard to help usher in a new BMEBoy for 2012.

Among Evan’s many piercings are his stretched lobes, a few nostril piercings, a medusa, a large gauge cartilage piercing, and while you can’t see it, he’s also got himself a fairly large septum.

“Every natural fact is a cymbal of some spiritual fact”

This, ladies and gentlemen, is Adhara.  She’s a member of the Lotus Dance Studio Troupe, a tribal belly dancing group, and recently performed at Camelot Days 2010 in Florida.  Not only do we have a couple of pictures of her, but after doing a quick google search I was able to track down the performance where the photos were taken.

Skip to 1:45 to see Adhara’s performance

Now the markings on her face are just paint, but her labret, industrial, nostril, and other piercings are real.

The Noble Platypus

It’s been a little while since we last checked in with IAM’s resident human platypus Jenya.  Aside from his fantastic mods, he also exudes so much joy.  When he e-mailed me a little while back with these photos he had mentioned that because of some health problems he had to reduce the size of his lip plates to a 32mm medusa and 58mm labret, but he’s doing better and is back on track to reaching his goal of a 100mm medusa and 200mm labret.  I really love that when he was telling me the size of his lips in the photo he was saying that they’re small.  I guess size is relative.  Either way, this human platypus and his impressive collection of modifications is always a treat to post.

A Wolf in Wolf’s Clothing

Many of you will remember Darah from the BME World Tour where she was part of the team that went to Australia and New Zealand.  What you may not know is this beauty hails from the wilds of Southwestern Ontario, where she runs wild and free through the forest.  When not stalking her prey in the moonlight, she scours the underbrush pulling forth the spirits of the earth and succumbing to their powers.  Through this divine communion she becomes more wolf than woman, forever bound to the world of the wilds.  It is only in fleeting moments that she can be captured on film where we can see not only her marks and holes that define her exterior, but also catching a glimpse into her eyes, seeing the power and beauty that she manifests.  The pelts she wears are not only there to protect her from the cold of the winter, but also to protect the winter from the fire inside her.

Baby it’s cold outside

With what should come as no shock to anyone in the Northern Hemisphere, winter is just about here.  Snow is on the ground (at least out my window it is), and people are starting to bundle up.  So to celebrate the coming winter wonderland this is the first of 3 winter themed posts for the day.

This is Soma, and it’s a little tricky to see, but she just had her ears scalpeled by Marcus from Tailor Made in Madison, WI.  What you can see is just how chilly it is over in Madison.  I’ve added a second picture just so you can see how lovely she is, even when freezing cold.  That and you’ll be able to see her microdermal that is covered by her scarf in the first photo.

Did someone call for more BMEGirls?

Well if nobody did, too bad, you’re getting more anyway!  This time we’ve got two beautiful BMEGirls to close out the week.

First up is Shanna, who we first saw a couple of weeks ago.   This time around she’s showing off her kitty, as well as giving us another great look at her tattoos and piercings.

Next up is a photo sent in by justaburde, crediting Kevin Kusulas as the artist for what I’m assuming is the shoulder tattoos.

Now that’s a bloody nose

Seeing as how the last post was all about fighting, let’s keep the theme going.  I remember when I was a young kid, my dad told me if I ever got into a fight to hit the other kid square in the nose.  It’ll drop them to the ground and fill their eyes with tears.

Now when Seeingred got punched in the nose, his eyes certainly watered up, and a lot of blood started flowing.  Of course he got his nose punched a little differently than a couple of kids in a fight would be capable of.

Dorian Vilify from Custom Steel and Ink in Flint, MI was the guy who got to punch him in the nose..  with a 2g punch.

No-shave November

With all this talk of Movember, it’s sometimes easy to forget those among us who don’t just grow in a mustache in November.  Take KingFrankWaits for example, he’s rocking an expertly curled ‘stache that blends in well with his beard.  I’m guessing that the purplish mark around his nostril piercing means he just had it done shortly before this photo was taken.

He also looks like a genuinely happy guy, which is always nice to see.  And given how many e-mails I got this month asking for some bearded boys, I’m pretty sure there will be some other happy people when they see this photo.

Behind the Lines

Two weeks ago we took a look at a couple of pieces by Magnutze.  Today we get to take a look at the man behind those incredible abstract tattoos.  Sometimes people can forget that the artists behind the artwork are just the same as everyone else.  Their passion to modify themselves is often overlooked by their own artistic accomplishments, which is a shame because a lot of them have some fantastic pieces.  For example…

I love the look of the tattoos on his face, as they don’t fit into any conventional design.  With a lot of his artwork falling into the abstract column, it should come as no surprise that he has the style on him as well.  The artist is Chandler Barnes from Fur Immer in Berlin