Times They Are A Changin’

In a relatively short time, body modification seems to have not only grown, in terms of pushing boundaries but also in terms of mainstream attention, at least, that has been my observation.  I can’t imagine some of the more extreme body modifications being covered in mainstream media (other than a purely negative piece) when I first discovered BME (however many years ago that was, shh, not telling).


Gelding sent me a link to an interview he did with Gawker.  The interview itself is very professional and positive (I can’t speak for the comments).  It’s refreshing to see this sort of extreme modification getting positive coverage from a more mainstream outlet.

Click more NSFW image.
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Aussie Eye Candy

Jake‘s no stranger to being ModBlogged, but I think this may be the first time he’s been featured as a BMEBoy.  Sure he’s had a lot of scarification work done, and his nipples removed, but that beard/stache combo is what makes this photo so grand.  With the holidays coming up, now would be a good time to add him to your wishlists.  I mean, who wouldn’t want him keeping you warm on a cold winter’s night.

Dinner is served

Well, I can honestly say I wasn’t expecting to see these photos.  When we last saw these bits of flesh, they were freshly removed.  At the time a number of people, myself included, assumed that he had eaten them shortly after the photos were taken.  It turns out we were wrong.  Initially they were preserved in a glass container, with the note “Eternal Preservation” attached to the photos.

I suppose that at some point he changed his mind, as we got some new photos from him yesterday.

And for those wondering, here’s how the plate looked in the last photo.

While I don’t have a name for this anonymous gentleman, you can still see his entire journey in the male nullo gallery.

Mission Accomplished!

We’ve been checking in with nonippleboy for a while now in his attempts to remove the tip of his nipple.  The last time we saw him his nipples had healed from the removal, but the new tissue was growing in much lighter than the rest of his nipple.

So here we are a month later, and as you can see below he has finally reached his goal.

You can go back and see the rest of the his transformation in the nipple nullification and nipple modification galleries.

Clipping the tip

Back in December, one of the Guess What posts featured a type of nipple nullification that is a little different than what we’re used to seeing.  Nonippleboy is in the process of doing a DIY nipple removal, and in the first stage he removed just the tip.  Well it’s been a few months, so lets check back in and see how things are coming along.  But before that, here’s what his nipple looked like back in December.

A couple of days later a scab formed, which left the nipple looking like this.

And finally here’s how his chest looks today.

Now Nonippleboy’s goal is to have his areolas remain intact, but be completely smooth.  His right nipple was removed by tying off the tip with elastics and then cutting off the excess.  His left nipple was done by cutting off the skin, which is why the area is a little larger.  He hopes that the scar tissue will eventually darken, leaving him with a smooth chest.

You can see more of his progress in the nipple nullification gallery.

Navel Nullo

So here’s the post a number of you have been waiting for.  In what I believe is a ModBlog first, Samppa has sent in photos of a complete navel nullification.  With posts like this I normally show you the before and after shots, but with the image of the procedure being so large it’ll be behind a click though so it doesn’t clog up the main page.

To start with, here is the end result, 3 weeks after the procedure.

Obviously healing isn’t complete, but it gives you a good idea of what it’ll look like.  To see how this was done, just keep on reading.

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Why do men have nipples?

There’s an easy answer to that question, they have nipples so they can be removed.

The excellent removal and suturing job was done by none other than the multi-talented Efix Roy from D-Markation in Quebec.  Also, if you happen to be in the Toronto area next week, Efix will be stopping by Exotix Studios to do some with with Six.

Hopefully we get more pictures as this heals up as I know a lot of people out there would be interested in seeing it.