Days go by

Sure the hourglass makes you think of time moving forward, but it’s the old school style of this tattoo that reigns in the forward movement.  While the sands are constantly flowing, the world outside is holding on to the past, making sure that the lessons of the past are remembered and carried forward.

Tattoo by Russell Kelley from Silk City Tattoo in Hawthorne, NJ

Camping Buddies

One of the best things anyone can do during the summer is head out into the wilderness, set up a tent, and get away from the world for a while.  For some it’s about getting away from the hustle and bustle of every day life, others take the time to commune with nature, and for a good number of people, it’s a chance to get together with some friends and do some bonding.  For these guys, it’s definitely a bonding experience.  Come rain or shine, these three will always have something to remember their days spent camping in the woods.

And here’s a close-up of the tattoo by Alexey Zamotevsky from Kipod Tattoo, in Tel Aviv.

“My BMEGirl Friday”

It’s Friday.  We’ve had the scar follow-up, and the news is coming up in a couple of hours.  What’s missing?  Oh that’s right, a BMEGirl post.  Today LadyFrankenstein is gracing us with her beauty.

Tattoos by JayJay Dallas, Tiny Miss Becca, Mike Ski, Bailey Robinson, Norm AWR, Theo Mindell @ various studios & conventions (Photo by Sideview Inn).

The Friday Follow-up

Last week we got a look at Alan‘s fresh chin cutting that Brian did at the Philadelphia Tattoo Convention back in February.  If you don’t remember, you can find the original story, with all the bloody photos, right here.  Now normally when it comes to the Friday Follow-up I’ll post a photo of the scar as fresh as possible, and then how it looks after healing up.  With the original story being only last week, I thought for a change of pace you can see a true before and after comparison.  Plus, Alan’s looking pretty good in these photos so we’ll also call this the Friday BMEBoy post as well.

So here’s how Alan looked pre-cutting.

To see how his mug looks now, you know what to do.

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