Review of Oslo SusCon 2010

After 3 days of suspension and monday’s BBQ night party with (hopefully some nice branding action like last year) this years Oslo SusCon is over. Alexander Trowell (body piercer and student nurse from Southport, U.K.) wrote a great review I want to share with you here:

The ninth incarnation of Oslo Suscon has been up to its usual awesome standard, if not better. In practical terms there has been some tweaks and alterations to codes of practice, and the highly professional level of it all is impressive. It’s incredibly nice to see how it affects newcomers from other suspension teams, and I think it’s safe to say that the Wings of Desire crew are one of the most respected, competent and professional teams in the world at what they do.

Oslo SusCon Day 3

Oslo SusCon Day 3

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Oslo SusCon 2nd Day

Busy day at Oslo Suscon, on the second day (saturday) 36 suspensions with a total of 124 hooks were performed. Also Allen Falkner held a class about Rigging and in the evening there was a great show from Lucky Hell. At that point I want to hand (this blog) over to:

Emrys Yetz:
Yesterday was the second day of the Wings of Desire Suscon, I can barely put into words how impressive it is to come here and see the way this event runs. Not only are their protocols and procedures almost flawless all the different teams from throughout the world work so well together without hint of ego. BME sponsored my trip here as the guest speaker so my level of gratitude to them is immense as this has been such an experience. Yesterday I was able to suspend a set of Norwegian brothers, one was a Wings of Desire regular the other being his first time. First was a crucifix that brought his wife to tears of joy, next was a knee suspension for his first time. Both were complete Vikings in stature showing no signs of pain or discomfort, though very humble and appreciative. Everyone keeps thanking me for the roles I’m playing but I am thanking them for affording me this opportunity.


Oslo SusCon 2010 Saturday - click picture to see WoD gallery

Some more closeups of this Suspension (2pt. Chest by Christiano) you will find on Hook Life