Bald is Beautiful

If only Jackie had sent this in last week; it could have been posted on the 4th.  The bald eagle is one of those fascinating animals that could have gone extinct within our lifetime, had it not been through a lot of hard work by a lot of people.  It was still on the endangered list up until 1995, and has since moved up to “least concern” on the conservation scale.  If only the same could have been said for any of the other species that have gone extinct in the past 20 years.

The British Bulldog

Younger ModBlog readers may not get this reference, but anyone who has read anything on WWII knows that the original British Bulldog wasn’t a guy in tights.  Winston Churchill was famously nicknamed the bulldog during the war by the Russians for his dogged determination in fighting the Nazis.  Even when England was at it’s worst, he wouldn’t back down and with his ties to the US, was able to turn the tide and win the war.  This particular portrait of Churchill as a bulldog was done by Rich Phipson who works at Star Crossed Tattoo in Hong Kong.

Rock the Bells

This past weekend Philadelphia was taken over by a veritable army of tattoo and body modification fans.   From side-show acts, to an impromptu IAM fisting booth, the Sheraton was the hottest ticket in town.  The stars of the show however were the tattoo artists.  As with most conventions, there are awards given out in different categories over the course of the weekend.  On Saturday, the winner of “Tattoo of the Day” went to Timmy B of Black 13 from Nashville, TN with this recreation of a Philadelphia landmark, the Liberty Bell.

With the Liberty Bell being a major US icon, it’s no wonder you’ll be able to find the full sized version of the photo in the political and patriotic tattoo gallery.

The Hungarian Shield

Flag and emblem tattoos are hardly a new concept.  To show off your national pride by getting the symbol of your country marked on your body can be seen in almost every country around the world.  Of course sometimes the tattoos aren’t created as a display of pride, as evidenced by the countless maple leaf tattoos done during the summer in Wasaga Beach, ON.

Getting back to the concept of national pride, I think it is safe to assume that this tattoo by Gabor Zagyvai was done out of a sense of pride in the owner’s country.

Kossuth Shield

Now I could be mistaken, but I believe that this leg belongs to the same person from this post back in August.

When it comes to the minimalistic style of artists such as Gabor, there always seems to be a division between those who love the style and those who hate it.  Now regardless if you’re a fan of the style or not, we can agree that the owner of the tattoo is pretty patriotic, and appreciates the minimalistic style.  The full size image can be found in the political tattoo gallery, and you can check out more work by Gabor in his scarification gallery.