The Devil’s Tightrope

Leave it to the Mercury Suspension Team to put together a 4 person devil’s tightrope pull for a fundraiser.  IAM:Benolyn sent in the photos from the event, but she didn’t include the names of anyone involved in the pull, although I do see Bradde on the far left of the first photo.

Update from Benolyn:  The people pulling are Bradde Hamman, Josh Anderson, Travis Boersma, and Cory Boersma. Flec is our slackrope extraordinaire, and our anchor people are Matt Borsa, Pat Kuhn, John Osborne, and Andrew “Big Poppa” Mitchell.

Blood on the canvas

As I mentioned earlier this week you’re going to be getting a look at some of the stuff Samppa Von Cyborg has been doing while on the road in the US.  Today’s post is about a recent performance Samppa and Aneta did as part of their recent NYC tour stop.  The centerpiece of the show was a blood painting that Samppa did of himself, Steve Haworth, and Lukas Zpira, using Aneta’s blood.  The painting is now up for auction, with all proceeds going towards relief efforts in Japan.

Keep on reading to see some shots from the performance as well as how you can own this painting.  Fair warning though, it is pretty bloody.

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The Warm-up

We’ve seen Adhara doing a bit of dancing before, but it seems that wherever she goes she’s got a great photographer following her every move.  And can you blame them?  You get a beautiful girl like Adhara dancing with a giant sword, and people are bound to take notice.

You can check out more photos of Adhara in the labret and earlobe galleries, and you can also check out the sword dance in the video below.

“Every natural fact is a cymbal of some spiritual fact”

This, ladies and gentlemen, is Adhara.  She’s a member of the Lotus Dance Studio Troupe, a tribal belly dancing group, and recently performed at Camelot Days 2010 in Florida.  Not only do we have a couple of pictures of her, but after doing a quick google search I was able to track down the performance where the photos were taken.

Skip to 1:45 to see Adhara’s performance

Now the markings on her face are just paint, but her labret, industrial, nostril, and other piercings are real.

Lucky Hell is “Femme Fatale”

Saturday night was “show night” at the end of Oslo SusCon’s “public hours” (where they let the general public in to see ppl suspending) and we all saw a GREAT show by Lucky Hell (an australian who now lives in Helsinki, Finland with her husband Jussi – Snakeoil Sideshow) … see for yourself:

Lucky Hell at Oslo SusCon 2010

Lucky Hell at Oslo SusCon 2010

I have seen lots of things…

…and I have done lots of things that would make a normal person curl up in the fetal position and require years of institutionalizing.

So in the rare moments when I come across something that makes me cringe a bit, I feel obliged to share it with you guys.

Some of Alicja‘s  performance acts she does with The Psycho Cyborgs definitely makes me wince a bit. I don’t know what it is about the “fingering of an open wound” but for some reason that does it for me every time.


For more pictures of her performances, her work and a music video with her and the Psycho Cyborgs, keep on keeping on. Continue reading

As We Two Are One

And finally, fair ModBloggers, let’s end on this single-point forearm suspension courtesy of Brian Wood at Liberty Tattoo Company in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, who last submitted this handsome scarification piece. We suspect this was not a particularly lengthy suspension, but hey, this gentleman stayed up long enough to get a picture off at least, potentially impending arm-related doom notwithstanding. And while you all go off to bed, just remember that there are folks out there risking life and limb not just for their edification, but for yours, too.

Until tomorrow, folks.

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A Rising Tide

Hey, would you look at that? Another day, another picture too good for which to not offer an embiggening click-through. This glorious shot is courtesy of Hangman Suspensions (the Hawaii- and Oregon-based one, that is, not to be confused with Pete Sheringham‘s Hanged Man Team in Melbourne, Australia), from their end-of-summer suspension convention held recently at Cape Kiwanda on the Oregon coast. Lovely stuff. And, of course, more, more, more…after the jump.

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Part of the Force

The Sinner Team is for lovers! God, these kids and their adorable suspension photos, right? The last time we checked in with these folks, Anna was hanging from Stanislav, and there were many awws. This time around, this group of longhairs is being just as cute, except now it’s Pavel and Kate giving each other the lovers’ stare while some folks mill around in the back. We liked this photo so much, we decided it deserved a click-through, so enjoy a higher-res shot as well. As for The Sinner Team, we don’t know how many more couples you count among your ranks, but we are very ready to send some Spanish Fly up Russia way if it means more pictures like this. Just a thought, you know?

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Get a Better Duty

One of our favorite sets of suspension photos that we’ve come across in the past belong to Nacho, who can be seen here, in all his white-striped glory. Well, good news! Nacho is back, as you can see above, just having a mid-air sit-down, possibly as a posture-healthy alternative to you typical office chair? Either way, he’s in the very capable hands of local sensation La Negra, and under the very capable photographic purview of Martin Del Pozo and his friend, Marco. After the jump, Nacho gets his knees cut down, plus video!

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