The Friday Follow-up

Can you believe the week is almost over?  With all the holidays it seems like this week went by really quickly.  Of course, with it being Friday, it’s time for another scarification follow-up.  This one is a DIY scar created by IAM: Zmashd.  Here’s what she had to say about the process:

1 day old on this picture. I did a triangle, as a symbol of support to the LGBT community. I did it on myself (properly. using a #10 scalpel) and I must say I’m quite happy with how it turned out, even though the location was tricky. :) It’s been healing well, so far.

And here’s how it’s looking now.

You know, for a first-time DIY scar, it’s looking pretty good.  If you’re wondering where the blood is coming from, take a look at the next photo.

You can see more of the scar, as well as the needle play that led to the bleeding over in the blood play gallery.

Corset and Beads

Now, with the word “beads” in the headline, I know most of you will be thinking below the waist.  Sorry to disappoint, but we’re staying above the belt for this one.  Dominic Burkett from Scooter’s Skin Art in Lakeland, FL has come up with a simple, yet elegant solution for keeping play piercing needles in a corset from poking into the skin once they’re in place.  That solution?  Beads.

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On pins and needles

Alright, this is going to be one of those posts where I start out with a warning.  What you’re about to see is very risky, and shouldn’t be done without extensive knowledge and research.  The materials used in particular are not traditionally used in this way and and the chance for serious injury is high.

So what’s all the fuss about?  How about a 220 point suspension using only 22ga needles.

Keep on reading to see what happened when they lifted up the rig.

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It’s about bloody time!

It’s been a long time since we’ve had some blood play here on ModBlog.  Especially when there’s a naked girl involved.  However, bloodplay can be considered a triggering activity, so here’s your warning.  Also, because there is a naked girl involved, you’ll have to keep reading past the foot prints to see who it is.

Note: There is no cutting involved, just play piercing and blood.

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She’s a Star

Yesterday was a BMEBoy with a Christmas tree, today is a BMEGirl with a Star of David “corset”, which I’m guessing took place over Hanukkah.  And you can never go wrong with a cute Jewish girl wearing ornaments from her earlobes.

Piercings by Monica Monroe (IAM:MonicaCurbstomp) from Dungeon Tattoos & Body Piercings in Orlando Florida.

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