How The Zeta Reticuli Exchange Program Began

If we learned anything from Project Serpo [], it’s that the Zeta Reticulans fucking love flesh hooks.

Seriously, is it just me, or does resurrection suspension really look a lot like some sort of Fire In The Sky sort of alien abduction? I guess I see aliens before resurrection because I was brought up on science fiction, not on the Bible, so when someone is being drawn up into the skies, it’s an act of the Greys, not an act of God. This picture is from the wonderful suspension campout that I posted earlier in the week — be sure to check out that entry if you haven’t already seen it.

Click the picture to see the original, as it really happened.

Maegan Machine’s Resurrection

Christy took this very intense picture of James Rajewski (of Infamous Ink in North Carolina) supporting his girfriend Maegan Machine as she suspends resurrection style. He writes, “So proud of my baby, letting go to resurrect herself from the ashes that once were, to become the butterfly leaving the cocoon… Gracious I was to be able to be the one to help this magic happen.” You can also watch the YouTube video below the picture.


Lazy Hazy Days

Summer workshopping with the 42 Suspension Group on what can only be described as a perfect day for suspensions. I can only imagine how wonderful these suspensions must have been for the people participating.

These are only a sample of the many suspensions held that day.  Check out the 42 Suspension Group gallery to see the rest.

Photography by Jaro Ridzon.

Kaptive8ing suspensions

I’m not sure what’s in the water in Eugene, OR, but somehow they manage to come up with some of the craziest suspensions.  Well, maybe it’s not everyone, it could just be Supa.

You’re seeing that right.  One hook in his wrist, the other in his left bicep, with an additional set of hooks linking his knee to his elbow.  Why?  Because he’s Supa, that’s why.

And just so you don’t think Supa is the only one who has fun when the Kaptive8 Suspension Krew gets together, here’s another suspension from the same day.  It’s a 5pt resurrection suspension, and just as a warning, hooks in the face are extremely dangerous.

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Twelve, Six, Two

Here’s something a little special from Moscow’s The Sinner Team.  Stanislav and the crew set up a 12 point resurrection that was cut down to a 6 point, and then cut again to a two point.  The best part?  They filmed the entire thing, including a camera attached to the rope above the rig plate.

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Two points in the air

Last month was New Jersey’s Inked Out convention where Gisella_Rose performed a two point resurrection suspension in front of an eager crowd.  It’s probably just the fish-eye lens but it looks like she’s got some decent height over the stage.  Her husband Dominick269 facilitated the suspension.

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