The Friday Follow-up

Last week we got a look at Alan‘s fresh chin cutting that Brian did at the Philadelphia Tattoo Convention back in February.  If you don’t remember, you can find the original story, with all the bloody photos, right here.  Now normally when it comes to the Friday Follow-up I’ll post a photo of the scar as fresh as possible, and then how it looks after healing up.  With the original story being only last week, I thought for a change of pace you can see a true before and after comparison.  Plus, Alan’s looking pretty good in these photos so we’ll also call this the Friday BMEBoy post as well.

So here’s how Alan looked pre-cutting.

To see how his mug looks now, you know what to do.

For those keeping track, in addition to the chin scar, Alan also has had his cartilage punched by Mr. Decker, and his tongue split DIY style.  Oh and he has a fondness for old school tattoos.

Science Fiction, Double Feature

It’s almost impossible for some people to see a photo of a mouth and not immediately think of Rocky Horror.  Now when Rocky Horror came out 35 years ago, it wasn’t an instant success.  You have to think, would audiences have flocked to see it right away if Patricia Quinn had a split tongue?

And for those with the need to purge the Glee version from their heads..

Splitting Distance

Procedural shots are always fun.  Especially when they’re of a tongue split.  Ryusuke sent this photo in, and what caught my eye wasn’t just the split, but also the eyes.  You can see how they’re looking off into the distance, to a place where the split is completed, away from the pain that the tongue is experiencing.  People deal with pain in different ways, for some, meditating or focusing on a distant place can free the mind from the pain, allowing the person to experience something unique to themselves.  There’s no right or wrong way to experience pain, it’s just a matter of doing what is best for your own satisfaction.

How many licks…

First off, this post isn’t about tootsie pops.  What it is about is that fun little body part we know as the tongue.  When it comes to expressing ourselves, for the most part the tongue plays a major role.  It is significant in our spoken language, where the tongue deftly moves to craft the sounds that become our words.  Yet even those amongst us that don’t use their voice as their primary form of communication, still use their tongue when it comes to something else that is extremely important to most people, which is of course affection.  Now I hesitate to use the word love, and even affection is a bit of an overstatement, but you can’t deny that when it comes to being intimate with someone, the first thing that tends to come into play is the tongue.  Be it affection, lust, desire, pain or pleasure, the tongue is always significant.

So with the discovery that a split tongue can still work just as well as an unsplit tongue, coupled with the fact that it opens up all kids of new fun tricks, its no wonder that it has become so popular.  Just take a look at BME user xFBx, and how happy he is with his split tongue.

Obviously this image came from the split tongue gallery, but you can also find it and similar images in the lowbret and multiple labret galleries.

So, what’s your favorite thing to do with your tongue?

Watch out Lizardman, here comes Snake Woman!

I guess our buddy The Lizardman does’t need to feel threatened, because obviously her “transformation” is less permanent than his, but it makes for a cool photo none the less.


When she is not made up as Snake Woman, she goes by Rachie Tartz. The tongue split was done by Howie and the photo was taken by Glen Tuttle.

Those crazy Brits!

I have no idea what this show is about, but it comes from the same country that finds Mr. Bean funny, so how can I expect to understand?

Anyhow blackroses sent me a message on IAM that said:

We have a show in england called snog marry avoid, tonight is the start of series 3 and i was surprised and delighted to find a fork tongued teacher!

She was kind enough to include a link to it on YouTube so I could share it with you guys.

UPDATE: My favorite nomad, Howie, shot me a message saying he was the artist who did the implants and tongue split and that the girl is kissitgoodbye.

Mind The Gap

Hoo boy that’s grisly, but fitting for this, the Halloween season, no? Shane checks in from scenic Columbus, Georgia, to show off this new Columbia Necktie tattoo by Matthew Wertjes at Superior Skin Art. The tongue is a nice touch, too—the tongue in the tattoo, that is, not the split tongue, although we’re sure that has a nice touch too…ladies.

More angles after the jump, including a painful-looking procedural shot.

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All Your Mental Armor

Happy Monday, ModBloggers! Hope the weekend found you all well. Let’s begin our week with the lovely AmeliaDolore, who, for one reason or another, isn’t much of a talker, but hey, she’s got other good qualities. Like her taste in medical equipment, for example. And her choice in tongue-splitters. And yes, that’s a Bush reference in the title—wanna fight about it?

(Photo by Paper Street Photography.)

A Failure To Accumulate

Hey, it’s Vern! It’s always nice to get pictures of this fella. Charming, handsome, photogenic, tests very well in the 18-35 range, clean and good quality work (though he seems displeased with the amount of tongue-split regrowth), lovely singing voice, never changes lanes without signaling and, of course, posting photos of him gives us the rare excuse to use obscure Ernest film references in the title of the post. You’re all very impressed.

(Photo by