Pants off dance off

IAM: Viking_boy‘s legs started off as a pair of tribal shorts by Stavros Touzos, and have now been transformed into a full pair of pants by Dan DiMattia.  This is one of those times you’re going to want to go to the galleries to see the rest of the images.  The front and back views are just as spectacular.

Stavros works at Liquid Sky Tattoo and Dan is from Calypso Tattoo.

A BMEBoy and his bike

You’ve seen his both his tattoos and scars on ModBlog many times before, but when it comes to getting in front of the camera, Gabor (IAM: Wyrd) can be a little shy.  Which is why this photo is such a rare treat, and a great way to end the day.

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The Wrong Side of History

I’ve been hearing this phrase more and more lately when it comes to same-sex marriage and it really does apply.  When you think back to those who were opposed to freeing the slaves, or those who wanted to keep racial segregation, they ended up being on the wrong side of history.  They were fighting against a movement to treat everyone equally, and as time went on more and more people realized that this wasn’t a fight that they could win, nor was it a fight that should be fought.  Hopefully within the next few years the same will apply when it comes to same-sex marriage around the world, much as it already has in Canada and Europe.  So what does this all have to do with ModBlog?  Check out this tattoo by Jackie Rabbit.  The reason should be pretty clear.

Digital Love

_xiphiaz loves technology.  So much so that his very first tattoo ended up being one of the most impressive nerdy tattoos I’ve ever seen.

Corey Weir from Monk3ys in Auckland, NZ is the artist behind this technological construct.  Please note, I purposefully avoided a Superman 3 reference, as it would have taken away from the sheer awesomeness of this sleeve.

Rising from the ashes

Good morning ModBlog readers, it’s Monday again, and it’s a sunny April morning.  Or at least it could be depending on where you are when you’re reading this.  Anyway, the appropriately named April_Love from Malu Tattoo in California sent in quite a few photos over the weekend of her tribal work, as well as a few non-tribal pieces.  So to start the week off here’s a backpiece by April.

I’m going to guess the lettering says something in Latin, but we all know I’ve been wrong before, so feel free to correct me.