Hand-Tapped Samoan Tattoo Experience


Procedural photos continue after the break.

Abacrombie sent in these shots of a truly old-school tattoo experience at the home of Petelo Sula’Ape, a tattoo artist from Faleasiu, Samoa. The tattoo was done over about eight painful hours of tattooing in a single day. Several assistants helped by stretching the skin as Petelo hammered the tattoo in place using traditional tools in his open-air home — which was a good on account of all the smoking!
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In The Tube

Alexis‘s tattoo is great work but what I’m super jealous of is that he got to play in this very fun looking free diving pool — he’s a free diving instructor! I’d love to hear his input on it, but I’m sure there’s enormous crossover between free diving and suspension and body ritual as BME covers. If you’d like to see the work on his back, continue reading.


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