Not that I anticipate ModBlog winning because (and maybe I’m kidding myself) it’s just too weird for the mundanes, but it looks like we just got nominated (thanks!) for our first bloggy award. I guess if enough readers actually nominated ModBlog it could win, but I seriously do wonder if we’d be silently nixxed behind the scenes…

Note: I actually would be very happy if people voted for ModBlog, but please vote in legitimately if you do (ie. make real votes in other categories too).

Peligroso! Chica Loca!

Speaking of cool modified people doing cool things, Rachel Larratt (as in the person who runs the business side of BME, as well as her own enterprises), is racing in this year’s La Carrera Panamericana, a 3000 km race across Mexico. She’s down there right now blogging the race (as well as plotting to dominate the first year of the Unlimited Class in her Lotus Elise) at www.mil0.com/blog — the sharp eyed will spot Coop and others you may know in her race/rally diary.

Rachel Larratt - La Carrera Panamericana


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