This Week in BME

You know, back in my day, when someone passed out drunk, you would just draw on their face or, worst case, administer a minor teabagging. This? This just seeems excessive. Oh, the youth of today.

(Black light ink tattoos by Jimmy Griswold on the bottom of his sister’s foot at Muskegon Ink in Muskegon, Michigan.)

Well, it’s been a fun week. If you’ll recall:

  • Everybody loves lesbian vampires.
  • Redheads have more fun, even in black and white.
  • Crude belly tattoos? Divisive!
  • Canvas LA’s Visionaries II show looked like a good time.
  • Cancer can go right to hell.
  • And something else happened, I just can’t remember … OH right, BME shop reopened! The annual holiday gift-giving season is around the corner, folks — just the way Jesus intended. You know what to do.