How many licks…

First off, this post isn’t about tootsie pops.  What it is about is that fun little body part we know as the tongue.  When it comes to expressing ourselves, for the most part the tongue plays a major role.  It is significant in our spoken language, where the tongue deftly moves to craft the sounds that become our words.  Yet even those amongst us that don’t use their voice as their primary form of communication, still use their tongue when it comes to something else that is extremely important to most people, which is of course affection.  Now I hesitate to use the word love, and even affection is a bit of an overstatement, but you can’t deny that when it comes to being intimate with someone, the first thing that tends to come into play is the tongue.  Be it affection, lust, desire, pain or pleasure, the tongue is always significant.

So with the discovery that a split tongue can still work just as well as an unsplit tongue, coupled with the fact that it opens up all kids of new fun tricks, its no wonder that it has become so popular.  Just take a look at BME user xFBx, and how happy he is with his split tongue.

Obviously this image came from the split tongue gallery, but you can also find it and similar images in the lowbret and multiple labret galleries.

So, what’s your favorite thing to do with your tongue?

Much respect

The very first time I saw a pair of vertical lowbrets, I fell in love with those piercings.  At the time (around 2000, or 2001) there were only 4 people in the vertical lowbret gallery and I decided I needed to be amongst them. I proceeded to pierce my own vertical lowbrets at 10 gauge. That goes down in my memories as my most painful piercing experience of all time, which is why I was so impressed to see these 6 gauge vertical lowbrets!


These piercings were done by Wizzer at Body Electric Tattoo in Hollywood, CA.

For some procedural shots as well as pictures of the finished product, keep on keeping on.

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If Only You Try

The lat time we saw Andy around these parts, it was nothin’ but wang, which, hey, yielded few complaints. But now, we’ve got an update on his vertical lowbrets (which we’ve seen a few times in the past), freshly up to 3.2 mm., potentially on their way to 4 mm., and in mighty good health from the looks of things. After the jump, a shot of that adorable punim from a better angle, chops and all.

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I Like Griping

The very talented intergalactic traveler Anders the Piercing Guy checks in with these recent (and rare) vertical lowbrets, done with 1-1/8″ straight barbells. These are the first such piercings Anders has done since 2005, he says, but one won’t find oneself in much better hands than his. Best of luck with the healing process, fella.

A couple more angles, after the jump.

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