The Friday Follow-up

So, I just realized now that today is Friday.  This week went by much quicker than I realized.  Of course, Friday means a scarification follow-up, so that’s what I have for you right now.  I think this is probably one of the most beautifully healed scars I’ve seen since I started doing the follow-ups over a year ago.  And of course, the scar was done by none other than John Joyce.

Here’s how the scar looked back in May when it was fresh..

And here’s how it looks today..

Honestly, if I hadn’t seen the scar when it was fresh, I would have just assumed this was a white ink tattoo.  Fantastic work John.

White Ink on Dark Skin

It’s still fresh, so hopefully I’ll publish a healed photo of these wings in the future, but I sure like the way that this white ink tattoo looks on the dark skin, done by Jan at Black Peppa in Johannesburg, South Africa. I’d love to go back to South Africa… I missed out on Capetown last time I was there…


White Ink Healing Problems

Spookshow-baby-79 has been having some unusual problems with her white ink tattoos. They’re now a full nine months old, and are still not settled… You can see two more close-ups after the break and you can see that it goes through phases of “crocodile skin” and being covered in tiny blackheads which open up and bleed. Not fun, and I expect medical intervention will be required — when a tattoo doesn’t settle down after that long, it quite likely never will.

If anyone has any useful advice or experience, please do post it.


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White over black tattooing

Danny had a tribal tattoo on his shoulder he wanted to “upgrade”, so he had Johnny at Skinworks in Holland first tattoo it totally black, and after it was completed, the lotus and cherry blossoms were added over top using white ink (see also: a white dragon chestpiece over black done using a similar method).