White Ink Chestpiece

Thanks to Shoshannah for sending in this picture of her white ink tattoo (fresh in the photo) — it really reminds me of the Nazca Lines in Peru. The tattoo was done by Wu Lun in a hutong (like an alley or narrow street) in Ho Hai, Beijing, China. This is Shoshannah’s first tattoo and she’s planning to go back to Wu Lun for more — all in white ink.

White Ink Snowflake Tattoo




This gorgeous white ink snowflake is by Timppa from Other Side Tattoo in Lahti, Finland (a rather snowy place I’m sure). This picture was taken a week after the first touch-up, and at least one more snowflake will be added still. Seriously, I wish more people would do these — and more artists would do them! Don’t go to just anyone though if you want something like this as white is notoriously hard to put in evenly, and very easy to contaminate.