J: Story of a Subincision

First of all, from the Extreme FAQ, Subincision Section:
"6.1.1 What is subincision?"
"Subincision is the splitting of the underside of the penis, from urethral opening to base. In many cases the subincision is only partial. Some people take the subincision one step farther and split along the top as well, with a number of variations, some resulting in head-splitting, some resulting in total bifurcation. In other cases splitting is performed but the glans is left intact, resulting in an invertible penis (like 'the Incredible Til' and various others) which can be turned inside out."
I first met "J" over email and then later had the pleasure of meeting him in person when I documented his piercing experience here in Toronto. The following interview was done several weeks afterwards via email, and the photos are from BME/extreme.

BME: Briefly describe yourself...

I'm a lifelong romantic, a dreamer who wants to DO and SEE. I'm 60 and I still want more out of life, but I'm not complaining: life is wonderful. We human beings can be so beautiful it's heartbreaking. I'm heterosexual, so to me the female body is awesome, but I appreciate the beauty of the male form, too, and I like the idea of modifying it or decorating it. I've been married twice, and have three sons. I have some scientific and military experience, and now I work part time on jobs that appeal to my sense of adventure.

BME: How did you first come to be interested in subincision?

As a little kid I noticed the penis had nerves inside the urethra that gave some nice feelings, and I used to slide things up the hole just to feel what it was like. A smooth glass rod from a chemistry set, for example. About twenty years ago I figured out how to open the hole wider, so my girl friend could put her little finger inside. It turned us both on, and I was hooked on getting more stimulation from those off-beat nerves that were hiding up inside the head of my cock. I opened the head from the hole down to where skin began. About ten years ago I wondered what it would be like to open the skin part of the shaft, and I learned the hard way what works and what doesn't.

Since the subincision was done in stages, over the years a record of progess was kept via plaster casts. This is that record.

BME: How did you do the subincisions?

Opening the head in the 6 o'clock position from the hole to the beginning of skin is called a "meatotomy" (that's mee ah TOT ah mee, not "meat" like salami "-otomy.") Some guys like to split the hole upward, toward 12 o'clock, but I kind of like the natural shape of the head (though I just went and had it pierced, but that's another story). Anybody with patience and determination can do a meatotomy. You get a clamp from Radio Shack that looks like a pair of scissors but it clicks shut when you squeeze the handles together, and instead of blades there are two long flat finger-like pieces with ridges that are used to grab small parts and hold them or as a heat sink for soldering. Medical people call it a haemostat, and sometimes a nurse can get you one to use. If you put one side of the clamp in the hole and the other on the head in the 6 o'clock position and squeeze gently, over a considerable period of time (maybe while you watch something on TV that interests you for an hour or so) pretty soon the handles will click together and you will be squeezing part of the head as flat as paper. Leave the clamp clicked for a while: by this time you will not be feeling much pain, and in fact if you are slow about it, you never WILL be uncomfortable enough to complain about it. Remove the clamp. If you chicken out at this point, it will eventually come back to normal. If you want to go ahead, take clean or preferably sterile scissors and cut the crushed part. It won't bleed because all the blood vessels are shut, and you won't feel the cut maybe because the nerves are crushed at that spot. If you don't keep the sides spread, it will tend to heal back together. I recommend getting some Neosporin or other antibiotic ointment and smearing it on little 1/4" strips cut off a Telfa dressing (any drugstore carries Telfa), and wad that between the cut edges. Change the dressing every time you pee. Telfa won't stick to healing wounds. Over a few weeks, a thin layer of new skin will grow over the raw edges and you'll have a bigger hole to make internal explorations easier. Until it heals, though, you have to avoid contact with saliva and other body fluids. If it gets infected, the delicate spongy stuff that the head is made of can shrink and leave an ugly looking head that is caved in on one side. There was a picture on BME of a penis that had a whole lot of dydoes, and on the right side of the picture it was shrunken like a grapefruit that had started to rot, and I know the guy must have had an infection during the healing period and scarred down part of the spongy head. You can do this in stages, if you want, and it might be safer that way. It should not affect your urine stream. Subincision, cutting along the skin of the bottom part of the shaft of the penis, opens up the pee tube (urethra) to direct stimulation. I tried using the technique I just described, but it always healed back almost the way it started.

I read that some tribes of Aborigines in the Australian Outback did subincisions to their young men when they came of age. I got fascinated and read more. Sometimes middle-aged men would get excited by the rituals and would demand to be cut again, further back. I figured if it was so horrible or so mutilating, nobody would go back for more. There had to be an appeal, and my hunch was that the females of the tribe must have found pleasure in it, since if the women disapproved it would have died out as a tribal ritual a long time ago! From the Aborigines I learned the secret: they made a sharp cut (using broken volcanic glass knives) and kept it from healing shut by using thorns to "suture" the cut edge of skin to the adjacent cut edge of urethra on one side, and the same on the other side. A cut edge wants to heal to another cut edge, to seal off the exposed deeper stuff and prevent infection, so they tricked the body into healing with the urethra sliced open like a fish fillet! I had sewn up a few GIs years ago, so I got hold of some local anaesthesia and suture material (5-0 nylon) and a nurse's pair of "bandage scissors." Bandage scissors have one blade that is longer than the other, and it has a protective blob of smooth metal on the end. Putting that longer blade inside the hole and the shorter blade at the 6 o'clock position sets you up for a subincision. I have done it without anaesthesia, and it's something you'll never forget, but I had to use anaesthesia to sew up the edges so take my advice and don't even try it without anaesthesia. Also, it's a bloody mess compared to cutting the head of the penis. I wrapped some ribbon around my cock starting at the head and working toward myself, squeezing out all the blood, then I put a hose clamp over the ribbon and tightened the clamp, then unwound the ribbon starting at the head, until I got to the hose clamp. That way all the blood was wrung out of it. I made the cut, and released the hose clamp. It bled something wicked, and made such a mess I had to wait a few days before I could put in the stitches, and one time I put them in wrong (because of all the swelling and clots) and had to do it over again. Maybe the best way would be to put in the stitches and then release the hose clamp, but you would have to be ready to wrap it in gauze or a very clean washcloth and apply some pressure, or else the broken blood vessels could pump a lot of blood into the soft substances of the penis and make some huge clots that would take a long time to go away and might get infected.

This is not for the faint-hearted. You really have to want it. You might consider doing your own meatotomy, and if you want a subincision getting in touch with a urologist to see if he is sympathetic to your desire. The only trouble with that is that most urologists think that anyone who wants their penis "mutilated" is crazy. After all, YOU aren't an Australian aborigine, are you? It doesn't matter that my girl friend, who is obviously very supportive, told me recently that if I could go back "the way you were before," she would not want me to do it. Anyway, I cut about 3/4" the first time, and my women were fascinated. Sex was more fun for me, because I could feel from both inside and outside. I could still pee normally. After a year I got greedy and doubled the size of the cut and every time I went to pee standing up I sprayed all over myself. Urine hit the inside of the head and sprayed everywhere!

I ended up sitting to urinate for about three years, before I got the courage to double the cut AGAIN giving a 3.5" subincision, exactly half the length of my hard-on. Now I again pee standing up. My girlfriend loves exploring the urethra with her tongue. I can straddle her clit with the split head of my cock and rub up and down, and SHE comes inside of ME for a change! Anyone who likes giving oral sex but doesn't want a mouth full of come would love a partner with a subincision, because it just dribbles off their chin or down on their chest. At time of orgasm, the semen comes out the near end of the subincision, and usually ends up outside the other person's body. If this ever got popular, it might cut the spread of AIDS.

As you can see, neither urination nor erection has been adversely affected.

BME: What prompted you to add piercings?

I wanted to do something MORE, but a longer subincision was not the answer. Most of the good sensations come from the far end. If I cut back any more, I would start peeing inside my pants, and I didn't want to go back to sitting to pee. Seeing genital jewellery on BME was a real turn-on and I knew I'd found what I was looking for. The head is just asking to be pierced, but a reverse PA didn't appeal to me, and an ampallang would undo what I had worked so hard to accomplish. I saw an apadravya on BME that really appealed to me, but what else could be done? Along the edges of the subincision, when there is an erection, a long ridge sort of like a lip develops, and that seemed ideal for piercing with rings. Also, I had seen a female piercing where the girl had barbells between her labia on one picture, closing herself off, and on the other picture, rings to haul herself wide open. I thought of putting in rings, and what a dramatic increase in friction they would give during intercourse, and I thought that eventually it might be fun to take out the rings and put two barbells across, like a frenum ladder, bringing the sides of the subincision somewhat closer but still leaving a deep groove in the middle.

"Subincised Frenum" and "Half-Apadravya" piercings in 10ga, performed by Thomas Brazda of Stainless Studios in Toronto.

BME: What are your future plans?

Lots of possibilities. I wonder why nobody is using stainless steel chain threaded through their rings for both decorative and stimulative effect. I could imagine, for example, putting a PA ring next to my hole and threading a chain like a shoelace through the side rings and ending the chain at the inner ball of the apadravya. The chain would have to have some slack in it to allow an erection, but what a powerful source of sexual pleasure that could be and after all, isn't the giving and receiving of sexual pleasure one of life's most precious gifts?

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