Top BME/Extreme Image Submittors

Total: 7,012 images submitted by 856 contributors in 2004.

It's probably no secret that BME/extreme is my favorite part of the site. The people below represent a mix of some of the most daring body artists working in the world, and some passionate body modification enthusiasts as well. Thanks to all of you!

Oh, and a special thank you to South America! You guys are totally dominating this category these days.

1. Emilio Gonzalez
(177 pictures)

2. Luc's
(143 pictures)

3. Luvpain99
(136 pictures)

4. Jonathan Piercing
(123 pictures)

5. "AJ"
(114 pictures)

6. Grouchie4
(111 pictures)

7. Nobu
(92 pictures)

8. Dita
(89 pictures)

9. Steve Haworth
(72 pictures)

10. "DLW"
(67 pictures)

"I'm feeling honored to be awarded this awesome prize. I'd like to say special thanks to my buddies.....(^o^)/^^^^^^^"
- Nobu

"I love BME!"
- Dita/BMEJapan

"i want to thank the academy for the nomination"
- Grouchie4

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