Top BME/HARD Image Submittors

Total: 23,011 images submitted by 1,103 contributors in 2004.

Even if BME/HARD isn't your thing, the people below deserve your thanks, because it's their efforts that go a long way to making sure that BME's bills stay paid. Most of the people below are long time BME supporters with their own bonus galleries in BME/HARD.

1. Kokomi.3k
(1,267 pictures)

2. Just Meat
(1,140 pictures)

3. Ars
(1,000 pictures)

4. Metro50
(822 pictures)

5. Nobu
(803 pictures)

6. Wenchybev & Neil
(687 pictures)

7. Tester
(489 pictures)

8. Captain Nipp
(461 pictures)

9. Urban Soul
(410 pictures)

10. El Horizonte
(332 pictures)

"I'm feeling honored to be awarded this awesome prize. I'd like to say special thanks to my buddies.....(^o^)/^^^^^^^"
- Nobu

"This has been a fun and exciting year watching not only my gallery grow, but others' as well. I think all join me in thanking you, Shannon and staff, for allowing us an opportunity to "model" for such a large number of subscribers who believe that self expression in the form of body art and modification should be shared with all who appreciate it."
- Metro50

"I surely sent a lot of pictures, I just hope that someone appreciates them and they're not only there to just increase the amount of pictures of this great site. It's a pleasure to take these pictures and a pleasure to browse the BME."
- Urban Soul

"Thank you Shannon for the site, thank you Neil for the last 2 years"
- Wenchybev

"Merry Christmas and a happy new year from Konrad"
- Kokomi.3k

"I would just like to thank Shannon for all his support for me and for the entire BodMod community."
- Captain Nipp

"Since I discovered BME which was 2 or 3 years ago it has changed my life completely, cutting my genitals to ribbons was not something that had ever entered my mind. I think that I have embraced the spirit of this site in it's purest form i.e. modification, nothing removed apart from a self circumsicion last week, pictures still to be processed and posted. I blame Shannon for getting me into a downward spiral of carving, I used to be satisfied with just the Sunday Roast although that never seemed to be as bloody. At this point I don't seem to have much left to carve, I'm not into cutting bits off, but I do realise the great value of this site for the part of our fraternity who like to lop bits off. I do think that Shannon should be strung up by his balls (althought he might enjoy it) for encouraging this kind of behaviour in what was basically a cutting virgin, not that I have regretted any of it, but I have to blame someone.

If any of our members can come up with some suggestions as to what to do next I would be happy to hear, I'm not into bisection, penectomy, castration but I'm now getting bored and need to think of my next move. This shit is addictive.

This site is an inspiration to god knows how many people, it must be the most comprehensive archive anywhere of visible modifications, pirecings, tattooes implants etc, but where it comes into it's own is in the intimate areas as these cannot be seen anywhere else and with it's advice it must be an invaluable tool for would be modifier's, like I myself was until not long ago. You must admit, that for a novice I have come a long way in a short space of time all due to BME, the question is, can I sue?

Seriously however, it is an honour to be nominated as one of the major contributours of this year, but as you can see from my pics this is not something I could possible do ever again in my life. I have been busy with the scalpel this year, but for next year I don't have enough equipment to keep the momentum up. So should I gain an award this year I would be very pleased indeed, certainly a trophy of a split cock with god know what else would be a talking piece with my neighbours on my mantelpiece.

I came to this by accident not long ago, I have modified my dick beyond recognotion in a very short space of time, most people love it, but I'm still suing, only joking Shannon."

- El Horizonte

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