Top Piercing Image Submittors

Total: 21,932 images submitted by 5,344 contributors in 2004.

I think it's safe to say that the vast majority of people who come to BME first discover it while looking for piercing information and pictures. Since Aerosmith introduced the world to navel piercings ten years ago things have never been the same, and piercing continues to enjoy huge popularity. Below are the ten most helpful contributors in this section in 2003. Thank you!

1. Nobu
(536 pictures)

2. Martin William McPherson
(497 pictures)

3. John Joyce
(241 pictures)

4. Piercing-addict
(237 pictures)

5. JesseV
(145 pictures)

6. Ita
(120 pictures)

7. Robert Holland
(113 pictures)

8. Dita
(102 pictures)

9. "Training"
(99 pictures)

10. pierced_vein
(98 pictures)

"I'm feeling honored to be awarded this awesome prize. I'd like to say special thanks to my buddies.....(^o^)/^^^^^^^"
- Nobu

"I love BME!"
- Dita/BMEJapan

"Thanks go first and foremost to my customers, without whom I'd have little to no photos to show. Thanks to BME/Shannon and all the highly intelligent staff members who keep me on my toes in my piercing techniques. Also, thank you to all the crazy IAMers I've had the great fortune to meet (and pierce) over the past year or so. Most importantly, thank you IAM: tatjanaturtle, for being my 'pincushion!'"
- MWM416/Martin William McPherson

"I would like to thank BME for changing my life. I'm just glad to help out."
- pierced_vein

"I would like to say zanx to all the people who have trust in me along my career...What the hell!!!Zanx to all this fuckin'crazy people and this holy world!Let's continue modifying our bodies!!! Special mention to Rober, Alex and Carlos."
- Ita, Spain

"Many thanks to Shannon, aka... glider and to all the beautiful people on IAM who trust me to do work on them."
- John Joyce/j_scarab

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