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Total: 15,267 images submitted by 741 contributors in 2004.

Wow! If there's a section that's experienced explosive growth over the past two years or so it's this one. The abunadnace of BME BBQs coupled with the sheer size of the suspension movement, as well as a massive youth exploration of play piercing has made this a very popular part of BME. Thank you to all of you who helped out on it, you've done a lot for BME, and a lot for the community around you.

1. Brian
(910 pictures)

2. Nobu
(883 pictures)

3. Frank M.
(658 pictures)

4. x31337x
(558 pictures)

5. dita
(527 pictures)

6. lilfunky1
(416 pictures)

7. Martin William McPherson
(344 pictures)

8. Jason Oliver
(241 pictures)

9. cyn69
(232 pictures)

10. vampy
(229 pictures)

"thank you... all of you... but none of this would be possible if it weren't for Cornelious... good times... and always remember kids, 'just because i don't look like you, or act like you, it doesn't make me any better or worse'..."
- Brian/perk900

"I'm feeling honored to be awarded this awesome prize. I'd like to say special thanks to my buddies.....(^o^)/^^^^^^^"
- Nobu

"I couldn't have done it without all of you!"
- Frank M.

"I love BME!"
- Dita/BMEJapan

"Thanks go first and foremost to my customers, without whom I'd have little to no photos to show. Thanks to BME/Shannon and all the highly intelligent staff members who keep me on my toes in my piercing techniques. Also, thank you to all the crazy IAMers I've had the great fortune to meet (and pierce) over the past year or so. Most importantly, thank you IAM: tatjanaturtle, for being my 'pincushion!'"
- MWM416/Martin William McPherson

"Thanks to everyone who was kind enough to let me work on them. Expect even more pics from me and Metal Fatigue Collective next year!"
- Vampy

"I would just like to that everyone I have met on IAM this year, including all the Metal Fatigue crew who gave me my first suspension and my branded forehead, and all the BME meet organisers in the UK. I would also like to thank IAM:foxy_mr_croup for being fucking twisted and weird and making me laugh when things were shit. Thanks to Shannon, all at BME shop, Vanilla and everyone else for keeping IAM and BME what it is and generally providing a safe and sane environment to learn about 'how to do it properly'.

I would also like to thank Shannon for publishing my article 'Contemporary Blood Letting', in the 'guest column' on BME. This has led to many good things..

Also, the hardcore modders out there who have given me ideas WAY beyond I had ever thought of before I became a member of this community and said it was 'ok to do that - this is how you do it'. I am starting to do them:)

Also, all at Tusk in Covent Garden, London, UK - Mark, Camilla and DaveTusk, who are my 'qualified technicians'.

Also IAM:Paulgy for being a fucking nutter and a dirty bastard [wotever!] :)

Finally to IAM:Reptar..."this reminds me of when I got my......"

Love you all...massively - you make it all worthwhile.

Keep on Modding!"

- Jason Oliver/coldcell

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