Top Scarification Image Submittors

Total: 2,452 images submitted by 359 contributors in 2004.

Scarification continues to be a steady interest, but is probably the smallest subsection of BME (as you can see by the numbers). So if you're a scarification artist, go for it! You can easily be in the running for the 2004 awards.

1. Blair
(304 pictures)

2. John Joyce
(85 pictures)

3. Ferg
(72 pictures)

4. Jason Oliver
(69 pictures)

(53 pictures)

6. Anomis
(39 pictures)

7. Val_0
(38 pictures)

8. Ryan Ouellette
(36 pictures)

9. Jonathan Tullet
(35 pictures)

10. Steve Haworth
(33 pictures)

"What do you mean this isnt the Oscars?!"
- Jonathan Tullet

"I don't feel I need to be rewarded for something as simple as sending in pictures or whatever but I'm happy to help BME bring this community to greater public awareness and hopefully to more informed and educated acceptance as our right to do with our bodies what we please. If it's perfectly legal to put carcinogens into your lungs and give yourself longterm disease as a consequence, expecting the medical community to treat you for that then it should be perfectly legal to do the stuff we do. Keep up the fight people. And thank you Shannon for keeping this all running as smoothly as possible."
- Ferg

"I wouldn't be where I am today without BME and iam.bmezine, thank you."
- Ryan Ouellette

"Body Modification to me is exploration of your self and to be who you are, that to me is the most radical concept one can be."
- Anomis

"Many thanks to Shannon, aka... glider and to all the beautiful people on IAM who trust me to do work on them."
- John Joyce/j_scarab

"I would just like to that everyone I have met on IAM this year, including all the Metal Fatigue crew who gave me my first suspension and my branded forehead, and all the BME meet organisers in the UK. I would also like to thank IAM:foxy_mr_croup for being fucking twisted and weird and making me laugh when things were shit. Thanks to Shannon, all at BME shop, Vanilla and everyone else for keeping IAM and BME what it is and generally providing a safe and sane environment to learn about 'how to do it properly'.

I would also like to thank Shannon for publishing my article 'Contemporary Blood Letting', in the 'guest column' on BME. This has led to many good things..

Also, the hardcore modders out there who have given me ideas WAY beyond I had ever thought of before I became a member of this community and said it was 'ok to do that - this is how you do it'. I am starting to do them:)

Also, all at Tusk in Covent Garden, London, UK - Mark, Camilla and DaveTusk, who are my 'qualified technicians'.

Also IAM:Paulgy for being a fucking nutter and a dirty bastard [wotever!] :)

Finally to IAM:Reptar..."this reminds me of when I got my......"

Love you all...massively - you make it all worthwhile.

Keep on Modding!"

- Jason Oliver/coldcell

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