BME Production Teams, 2003

There are a lot — and I mean a lot of people who helped make BME happen in 2003. The people on this page are some of the ones that went far beyond the call of duty, usually as volunteers, to help BME offer more to the online body modification community.

First, the BME/News Team. BME/News is one of the things I'm happiest about; it's really just this last year that it's taken off. Thank you so much to my core team of writers, the wonderful guest column writers, and of course to the small dedicated team of people keeping the newsfeed up to date. I literally couldn't do it without you!


Shannon Larratt

The Lizardman

Fakir Musafar

Jim Ward

Cora Birk

Dustin Sharrow

Blake Perlingieri

Jason Oliver

Jerome Abramovitch

Monty Vogel


Rebekah Sue Harris



Danielle Clark


QOD ("Question of the Day" — now many questions per day) is one of BME's oldest and most popular features. These volunteers tirelessly answer thousands and thousands of questions — as I write this, the 27,998th question was just submitted (and I only started counting about 18 months ago)!

QOD Staff 2003

Gary Menard

Luis Garcia

Monty Vogel


Ryan Worden

Sean Phillips

Shannon Larratt

Shawn Porter

Jim Sens


Finally, there are the people who make stuff behind the scenes work. People who make sure the core systems operate smoothly, that servers stay online, that software is kept updated, and so on. Without these people either I'd have to up my workload to 48 hours per day, or I'd have to watch everything come to a grinding, crashing, internet apocalypse!

BME Staff and Core Volunteers

Shannon Larratt - Publisher, editor, creator, designer, and main programmer.

Rachel Larratt - Customer support.

Ryan Warden and Corrie Dyson - BMEshop

Brian Woodruff - All the business stuff!

Jason Haselbauer - Server admin.

Dita - BMEJapan

CT - Technical backup team

Don - BME experience engine team leader.

Danielle Clark - IAM customer support.

Jon Marshall - IAM.Toys (crush2, links, etc.) software development.


"I'm happy to have been able to contribute."
- Ribibe

"I'd like to say how much I've enjoyed being BME's lead experience reviewer for 2003: it's been fun, interesting and informative too. Looking forward to BME becoming even bigger and better in 2004."
- Don

"AKA - Wangmaster"
- CT

"I would like to say that I derserve this....NOT!! I honestly feel that being nominated is MORE then enough."
- Gary

"When I can, I do."
- Danielle Clark

"I'd like to thank all the little people - and no one has been littler than the petty politicians and closed minded "do-gooders" who necessitated the past year's fights against anti-mod legislation."
- The Lizardman

"BME is like family to me. For almost ten years, BME has filled my life with ideas, experiences, friendships, and opportunities. I'm honored to be a part of things, and I look forward to a fun and fabulous 2004 -- the Year of BME."
- SaraM

"it's an honor just to be nominated :) keep supporting the community; no one wants to support us, but they want to be us."
- Rebekah

"Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share with the BME community some idea of the roots and modern history of body piercing. It has been an honor."
- Jim Ward

"Id like to thank Shannon in spades for making my column possible and giving me a voice on a topic that many find somewhat taboo. Its been an incredible learning experience for me. A year ago at this time I had no idea I'd be a staff writer for BME, and I'm beyond proud that I've become part of the BME family and that my column has found such great acceptance. Thank you!"
- Cora

"I love BME!"
- Dita/BMEJapan

"You are your community."
- Shawn Porter

"thanks to everybody who has modeled for me and to Shannon for making all this possible."
- Jerome Abramovitch

"It is a pleasure and an honor working with people so committed to the community and looking forward to many years of continued service."
- Brian Woodruff

"Gosh oh golly gee.....I'm just proud to be part of 'da team BME!"
- Sean Phillips

"Of course I have to thank Shannon first and foremost, as he facilitated what has become literally a life-changing experience...for the second time in my short life, even. I also really want to thank all of those who have sent me encouraging and inspiring messages, because it makes me feel like I'm doing something worthwhile in sharing my experiences."
- Dustin Sharrow

"I would just like to that everyone I have met on IAM this year, including all the Metal Fatigue crew who gave me my first suspension and my branded forehead, and all the BME meet organisers in the UK. I would also like to thank IAM:foxy_mr_croup for being fucking twisted and weird and making me laugh when things were shit. Thanks to Shannon, all at BME shop, Vanilla and everyone else for keeping IAM and BME what it is and generally providing a safe and sane environment to learn about 'how to do it properly'.

I would also like to thank Shannon for publishing my article 'Contemporary Blood Letting', in the 'guest column' on BME. This has led to many good things..

Also, the hardcore modders out there who have given me ideas WAY beyond I had ever thought of before I became a member of this community and said it was 'ok to do that - this is how you do it'. I am starting to do them:)

Also, all at Tusk in Covent Garden, London, UK - Mark, Camilla and DaveTusk, who are my 'qualified technicians'.

Also IAM:Paulgy for being a fucking nutter and a dirty bastard [wotever!] :)

Finally to IAM:Reptar..."this reminds me of when I got my......"

Love you all...massively - you make it all worthwhile.

Keep on Modding!"

- Jason Oliver/coldcell

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