Top Tattoo Image Submittors

Total: 14,441 images submitted by 4,717 contributors in 2004.

Most people would argue I think that tattoos are the mainstay of body modification culture. They're the dominant modification historically, and even in the West have survived in public when other mods have fallen out of popularity. Thank you to the artists and tattoo fanatics that made BME's tattoo galleries continue to grow in 2003.

1. Mike Haines
(137 pictures)

1. J.C. Murray
(137 pictures)

2. Bob Paulin
(125 pictures)

3. Dan DiMattia
(73 pictures)

4. Sammy Tattoo
(71 pictures)

5. Andromak_P4
(67 pictures)

6. Dan Henk
(66 pictures)

7. Steve Kahn
(65 pictures)

8. Murda Ink
(61 pictures)

9. Joao Malabares
(59 pictures)

"I think, your web-site is the best from all over the world in the body modification, thanks for all, and I hope see you, some day in the tattoo convention us, your friend, Sammy Ramirez"
- Sammy Tattoo, Mexico

"Thank you Shannon, and everybody from BME, because of you I'm a modified person! Happy new year and of course I see you in 2004."
- Joao Malabares/fjoao

"Great web site for anyone wanting tattoos or bodmods of anykind. And I mean anykind.Keep up the good work on this site which I have learned so much from..."
- Steve Kahn

"I really enjoy contributing to a community that shares my interests. Its the only way sometimes, that I get feedback about what Im doing & who I am. BME has given me freinds I might not have otherwise gotten to know. Contributing seems like a way to pay back."
- Bob Paulin

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