Fakir Musafar is the undisputed father of the Modern Primitives movement and through his work over the past 50 years with PFIQ, Gauntlet, Body Play, and more, he has been one of the key figures in bringing body modification out of the closet in an enlightened and aware fashion.

For much more information on Fakir and the subjects discussed in his columns, be sure to check out his website at www.bodyplay.com. While you're there you should consider whipping out your PayPal account and getting yourself a signed copy of his amazing book, SPIRIT AND FLESH (now).

Latest column: February 25, 2005
Spirit + Flesh: Part I
Is there a difference between hooked tug-o-wars and energy pulls? "It's not how hard you pull, but how long."

Full Column Archive:

2004/09/29: Suspensions & Tensions: Today (Part III)
Fakir Vs. Stelarc (The Lisbon Face-off), Shamanic Suspension Retreats, and Swimming With Dolphins.
2004/05/08: Suspensions & Tensions: Today (Part II)
Psychic preparation and guidance are essential for getting the most out of a suspension experience.
2004/01/15: Suspensions & Tensions: Today (Part I)
Are you looking for a photo-op, or a meeting with your White Light?
2003/11/15: Suspensions & Tensions: Yesterday
'Your body belongs to you, and in the appropriate ritual, it has been given to you to explore the full dimensions of your being.'
2003/08/14: Body Play: State of Grace or Sickness?
Part II: The New Culture Matures
2003/07/04: Body Play: State of Grace or Sickness?
Part I: A New Culture (the Modern Primitive movement) is born.
2003/05/18: Beauty: Eye of the Beholder?
Fakir Musafar's inaugural column for BME: 'The body belongs to the spirit that lives inside. And to no one else.'

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