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The Present Tense - by Jordan Ginsberg

A recent acquisition from the illustrious, high-profile world of low-budget sporting-goods photography, Jordan Ginsberg (iam:snackninja) is a Toronto native. Born affiliated to the Levi tribe, Jordan renounced his religion shortly before his Bar Mitzvah but still believes he is entitled to a role in the liberal Jew-run media and sees BME as an ideal stepping stone. Votes left, throws right.
Latest column: October 8, 2005
Guadalajara 2005
BME reports from the 2005 Guadalajara Mexico Tattoo Convention (presented both in English and en Espanol).

Full Column Archive:

2005/08/13: TransVision 2005
As told using ten FUTURAMA quotes and one from BILLY MADISON (aka If you're gonna invite Jordan, you'd better put on a good show!)
2005/08/07: Keith Alexander: A Life Worth Celebrating
Can anything we write here even come close to capturing who Keith was and how he touched our lives?
2005/07/28: What I learned at BMEFEST 2005
It's not gay if it's GOOD GAME.
2005/07/06: Luck & Fate: An interview with BMEshop's Ryan and Corrie Worden
A history of both their relationship and of BMEshop... PS. Visit the updated site!!!
2005/05/17: APP 2005 Convention Report
Extensive coverage of the recent Association of Professional Piercers convention in Las Vegas.
2005/05/06: Ascension: An Interview With Philip Barbosa
An old friend of BME, ModCon photographer and iWasCured core catalyst Philip Barbosa's new photography show opens this weekend (May 7).
2005/04/20: Sub-Clavicle Piercings: WHY-NOT-HOW-TO
The only piercing to actually penetrate the main body cavity, it literally passes UNDERNEATH the collarbone!
2005/04/10: Mommy's Little Monster: BME VS THE GREAT ORBAX
Jordan Ginsberg talks to Burnaby Q. Orbax... only a football to the groin could be better.
2005/03/30: One Small Step For Hand...
Amal Graafstra gets an RFID implant put under the skin of his hand to automate and simplify his life.
2005/03/26: Hola Gringo! BME Visits BodyFest 2005 in Mexico City
"Drummers and percussionists, flutists, horn-players, bagpipes, chest suspensions, death metal vocals, swords, fire, and pig-men."
2005/02/03: Have Mursi! Lip Plates Have Reached The West
Jordan Ginsberg talks to Western youth wearing not only stretched labrets, but full-on lip plates.
2005/01/10: RTFM: Keith Alexander
BME once again talks to our long time companion, friend, and sometimes even mentor, Keith Alexander.

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