Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Anal Piercing But Were Afraid To Ask [The Publisher’s Ring]

Everything You Ever Wanted
To Know About Anal Piercing
But Were Afraid To Ask

“Some people never go crazy; what truly horrible lives they must live.”

Charles Bukowski

Anal piercing is a bit like tongue splitting — we all thought it was impossible (or at least a very bad idea), but then one person showed one off, and all of a sudden everyone’s doing them [ok, I’m exaggerating a litte — so CNN, don’t come knocking asking about the latest trend unless you want me to go Jayson Blair on you]. But still, unlike tongue splitting, people don’t tend to show off their anal ring to anyone who’ll look, much less talk about it at length. BME finally had a chance to sit down — carefully — with a half dozen people who could talk first hand about their experiences with anal piercing.

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Anterior anal piercing

Fresh and bloody
double anal piercing

Posterior anal piercing

First we’ll talk to Travis, a thirty year old white-collar business owner. He’s rather mainstream looking when you first see him, but he does have a few genital piercings, and rather by accident, found himself with an anal piercing as well. After a gland became infected, Travis developed an anal fistula, an infected tract inside the body with one end exiting inside the anal canal, and the other externally, near the anus. Fistulas of this type can be treated in a number of ways. They can be cut out (by inserting a rod into the fistula and literally excising along its length), they can be glued shut internally, hoping they’ll drain out and heal, or they can be tricked into “rejecting,” which is what happened in Travis’s case.

7 thoughts on “Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Anal Piercing But Were Afraid To Ask [The Publisher’s Ring]

  1. Thanks for the info and personal experiences. After much thought, I’ll go ahead and have an anal piercing.


  2. These are by far the nastiest and ugliest pictures on the internet. Did you see the guy with the dirty fingernails handling a newly pierced area? Can you say MRSA and other incurable diseases?

  3. Thanks for the info on anal piercing. I had an 8g inserted…….spend more time keeping area clean. All is good and no infection/pain…..this could change. Big change is an altered awareness of my asshole/ass.Thanks again for your website.


  4. Hi all,

    I have an anal pîercing since 3 months & all is very good health.
    Its a fantastic feeling, tthe ring turn in & out my ass , its very exciting.
    I have some pics if you want….

  5. I live in Syracuse, New York, the town is full of Tattoo, & Piercing Shops, but none seem willing to do anal piercing. And I can’t seem to find any on my own. Would by any chance you know of one in my general are, Thank You so very much.

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