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I hope you might remember me, my name is Nefarious. My childhood was surrounded by BME and I have missed it in the past years, so hello I hope you are doing well.  As you may already know, today 10 years ago my dad Shannon Larratt passed away. And if you were not aware, my mom Rachel Larratt passed away last year in June. Together they built BME and created a place where people truly had freedom. BME may have not been as active recently as it was in the past, but I do not want to let it die with them. Unfortunately through those years of neglect, the site and community have deteriorated. Since my mom’s passing we have been dealing with hosting issues, unforeseen struggles, and a string of bad luck. We’re still gaining full control over some accounts. It is very complicated, but we are asking for patience. We are trying to get it back, but this time it will take longer than it has before.

I cannot promise that the millions of photos and videos since its inception in 1996 are safe right now, but if it does come to it, together we can create a new collection. Jon, Jen, Marks and I have worked tirelessly trying to keep BME online, and we will continue to do so. In the meantime we will keep this blog running, and we are launching a private website that will allow us to stay connected.

Times have changed and so have all of you. BME on the other hand has had nearly no changes in the past 15 years. We are overdue for more than just a makeover and recent events mean that BMEShop is our only source of income right now. If you ever want to make suggestions, or even just want to send a friendly letter, please reach out at [email protected]

– Nefarious

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  1. I am a member since shortly after BME began. I met your mom and dad at Mod Prom in Canada. (Actually there was a small one prior). Since then I have lost my husband who died in 2004. He was the one that found BME for us. I don’t really go there a lot anymore. I remember when your Mom was living in South Carolina. We were actually taking to each other during the flooding in her basement and she was worried about the BME mechanics. Then she when through helping the community after the flooding. I am now one of the older people from BME. Rachel archived my page and I thing my husband’s as well. I will gladly support BME in any way I can. I would love a new BME shirt too. I wish you all the success each and everyone of you! Stay weird! Stay Calm! BME 4 ever!

    Debi Spillan
    I think my first name was ds55e and later Shalla Bal and my husband was Noranran?

  2. I have your dad’s RoboCop ring he made that was a gift. my friend Melissa has the zombie ring just like it. it warms my heart to see this still trying to come about. I was around in the late 90’s helping with the chat and mod q &a. if you need any help, I’d be more than willing.
    you can reach me at [email protected]
    if you need anything

  3. Hello Nefarious
    I do miss the old BME days that brought so many people from all over the world together. pre 2008 before the website changed was what made it so easy, but I know there were their faults with that make up of having a limit of how many people could actually be on IAM at a time. I have my fingers crossed that you’ll be able to make it a wonderful place to gather again.
    I’m also sorry you’ve had to go through so much loss in your life and I’m happy though that you seem to have wonderful supporting people around you.

    if one shirt could get brought back, it’d be the bme hard girl with her hold scalpels in her hands, and a recreation of the I was cured suspension shirt of 2002. I’d buy 4 or 5 of each to keep them going for the rest of my life.

  4. So glad to see this post from you, and sorry to hear about your mom. I had not heard of her passing. My condolences.

    I look forward to seeing BME restored, I would love to help however possible doing so!

  5. Evening Nefarious,

    First and foremost, thank you for this update. Through the ups and downs, ins and outs, I have had an immense respect and appreciation for your parents. Both of their passings have been an unquantifiable loss to our community. The fact you want to carry this task forward is a testament to you.

    If there is anything I can do, I will do my best to hopefully assist. I know nowadays it’s difficult but hopefully there is enough of us whose altruistic tendencies can shine allowing for many hands make light work. Especially with how problematic Meta is, the issues with TikTok,etc.

    Stay strong. ✊

  6. this place has been home for many of us and your parents gave us a safe place to grow and find ourselves.

    thanks for bringing it back: we are here and we support you.


  7. it’s great you want to continue their legacy. I look forward to see the new website. I was very young when I joined BME and it has had a very big impact in my life.

  8. Holy shit, where has the time gone?! We all remember you as a cute little baby, and now you’re the adult helping us all reconnect. Your parents would be so proud of you. I think we all are. :heart

    Is there any chance you can get the BME Scrapbook re-printed? Do the files still exist? I know a lot of us probably lost/stolen/misplaced it.

  9. Hi Ari…. I love seeing that you are continuing your parents legacy in the body mod world. It is so greatly appreciated and beyond respectable for you to take this project on. Kudos to you, from a former iAM member.

    Elaine (evilolive07)

  10. I’m so sad to here of all your losses, I think I joined BME back in ’98, it helped me understand I was not alone.
    I hope and Pray to its return.

  11. to add to my posting above, if possible, another idea could be to have prints made from Shannon’s original artwork. so many people would love to have prints of those beautiful pieces.

  12. Wow. I imagine you don’t remember the times we’ve met, but this is such a wildly heartwarming post to see from you, Ari. Your parents built something truly wonderful here, and I’m excited to see that it’s something you’ve been able to embrace.

    Looking forward to where this goes in the future.

  13. Hugs and lots of love. I remember you, and playing with the hoover robot in the basement with you.

    I’ve got a lovely photo of you and your dad when we were winter swimming, if you’d like it.

  14. I’m so sorry to hear of your mothers passing. I hope to see BME or a new BME site again someday, I made so many lifelong friends and connections through BME and IAM. It shaped who I am today.

  15. First of all, I am so so sorry for your loss.

    I was searching for BME today after many long years.
    BME (BME.freeq) was a refuge for me growing up and finding community with like minded individuals in a time where there were none. I spent so many hours talking with people on chat, and got to meet several in person, and still have a connection or two today.

    My first interactions would have been about 20 years ago.

    A special memory I will always have, as trivial as it is, was when a photo of myself I submitted, was on the feature photos of the homepage.

    I am sure you have a network, but I might be able to help, and I would love to. Please let me know

    Formally: drink_the_bleach

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