Come Join Us

For those of you still with us. We’ve setup a new (temporary?) site where we can all connect with each other and share our photos and stories again. SOCIAL.BME.COM is that place and we hope you’ll join us. While I don’t expect a swarm of people signing up, due to the currently limited resources, we’re doing a controlled rollout to ensure the performance and availability of what little we have online right now.

The software is called Mastodon, it’s a decentralized social networking software. At this time we’re keeping this community (node) private. Meaning your posts do not show up on the network (only on this node), nor do they show up to non-logged in users. Currently we have no plans of opening it completely public, but it’s not impossible. Of course any future changes to visibility will be communicated to all users.

We hope to see you there.


5 thoughts on “Come Join Us

  1. We’re still working on everything. Hope to have some updates soon. For now we’re trying to coordinate on the new site mentioned above.

  2. Hopefully you’ll come back on soon. Be a longtime follower, since 2000’s. You guys are a great resource and community!

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