Despite the hurricanes in 2015 which destroyed almost all of what Rachel owned, she managed to save the original inventory from BME. We have relisted some of the stock on with the hopes you may be interested. 

Our first drop includes a selection of one of a kind skeleton statues, originally hand carved in Indonesia from animal bones. Depending on the success of this drop, future drops will include jewelry, suspension supplies, rare body-mod books and different types of body modification supplies. 

Every purchase is very appreciated as 100% of the profits go directly to the restoration and maintenance of BME. I am very grateful for the continued support BME has received and I will be hand writing a thank you note for everyone who orders from this drop. 

– Nefarious Larratt 

2 thoughts on “BMEShop

  1. really hoping to see the body mod books and suspension supplies! not too long ago, I bought 4 shirts, but the bones weren’t an interest. please think about listing the other items.

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