If you want something done right, go to a professional [The Publisher’s Ring]

If you want it done right,
go to a professional

“I perch on the edge of the bed afterwards, my eyes searching the floor for my purse, my cigarettes, my pager that won’t stop going off. He reaches up and runs his hand down my spine, over the new tattoo that adorns it. He mumbles, ‘This is beautiful. It compliments your curves so well.’”

– “Shannon”, Confessions of a modified call-girl

It’s no secret that a very large number of people find tattoos and piercings sexy. I suspect this site would be much smaller if the sexual overtones didn’t exist — but that doesn’t mean that getting tattooed is some kind of instant elixir of passion or that it’ll magically make you irresistible. It’s like an amplifier — the wrong modifications can emphasize the parts of you that are unattractive, but the right ones can emphasize your best features. If you want something done right, see a professional, right? Someone with extensive hands-on knowledge of the subject?

Escorts aren’t living blow up dolls — their magic and business depends on them really understanding what makes men and women tick sexually. Especially for those working in the intimate companion or GFE (“girlfriend experience”) market, a large part of the job is a head game that depends on them being able to play off people’s fantasies and true desires — the ones that even their partners haven’t figured out. Recently BME had the chance to sit down with a number of tattooed and pierced “adult service providers,” all highly rated by their clients and good at their work.


We’re joined by Azaria, a single mother and bubbly companion from Springfield, Missouri, Michelle, a heavily tattooed traveling entertainer, Kayce, a 24 year old professional escort and actress from Washington DC, and Shannon, a young escort who got into the industry by accident and now loves the rush, although she’s careful to point out that it’s far from glamorous work. Finally, we’re also joined by Justyne, now working in the corporate sector but willing to talk about her experiences as an escort twelve years ago.

Michelle’s large traditional Japanese tattoo
by Andre Green (tattooasylum.com)

BME:  Thank you for agreeing to talk to me; let’s first go around the table and if you don’t mind, introduce yourself and tell me a little about yourself.
AZARIA:  I’m a single mother of one, and I love body art and piercing, and anything adventurous. I love to travel, and just got back from Australia where I got my latest tattoo, on my back left shoulder. I’ll probably try anything once as long as it doesn’t freak me out!
MICHELLE:  I am a lady, refined, educated, and a master of many of the fine arts of life — I know which fork to use, and how to hold the chopsticks! Whether it’s just the two of us having drinks on the balcony, or meeting colleagues at a cocktail party, you’ll be delighted with my wit, my intelligence and my gentle laugh. I make small talk easily, but get the big picture.

My interests are eclectic and wide ranging. In college, I double majored in science and the liberal arts. While I’ve lived mostly in California, I’ve traveled extensively though the United States and Asia. I am passionate about art and literature, the outdoors, new places and new people. I paint, and my paintings have sold all over the world. In addition, I have more than thirteen years martial arts training, including work with a Navy Seal trainer. I now live near the ocean in Santa Monica and love the sound of the waves crashing against the beach as I go to sleep.

BME:  I know what you mean, I love the ocean…
MICHELLE:  Behind the scenes, there’s more though — this lady can be a tramp, your tramp, your fantasy. I love to dress up, and to dress down… I love to do plain and I love to do fancy. Most of all, I love to please.
KAYCE:  I work in Washington D.C. as a professional escort and I love my job! I love 911 Cabriolet Porsches, alternative music, Medieval dress — and a lot of people don’t know this, but I’m very shy! I have multiple personalities, and when I work my most erotic and decadent persona comes out — and I love her! She allows me to be what I would never be in my plain vanilla life.


Kayce’s alternate personality comes out to play
SHANNON:  I’m fairly well known on IAM so I’d like to remain mostly anonymous, but I will say that I grew up in fairly strange sexual circumstances. My mother was married to my father for twenty-six years, and as long as I can remember she had extramarital affairs. I am also pretty convinced that she got “paid” for sexual acts. Later on in my teenage years (after my parents divorced), she worked openly as a massage therapist and was arrested when she was set up by the cops, and an undercover cop offered her money for “more” during a massage. Of course, I didn’t find out about this until years later.

I tell you this because the idea of getting paid for sex never seemed like a “wrong” thing. In fact, many years ago I was vacationing with my now ex-husband in Vegas and he won about $900 on slots. We went to our room and I told him that it would cost him $200 for a blowjob. He obliged. It was not uncomfortable for him, nor did it make me uncomfortable.

When I was married to him I had several affairs, none of which he was aware of, and all of them with wealthy men who bought things for me and gave me cash on a regular basis. I never got caught, but I always thought that I would. It finally occurred to me that I could get the cash and have no strings attached. Don’t get me wrong — I love sex! Actually, I love the rush of sex with a new person. I’m addicted to it. So not only do I get paid to have sex, I get to feed my only addiction at the same time.

JUSTYNE:  It’s been twelve years since I worked as an escort — I’m in the corporate sector now. The escort agency I worked for was what I would consider a mid-range agency as far as “quality” and cost. My level of formal education is quite low (grade ten high school, with some university credits as a mature student), but I have reached where I am in my career through a lot of my own studying and a bit of luck.
BME:  If you don’t mind I’ll get right to the heart of what we’re talking about — how have your piercings and tattoos affected the way your clients treat you? Justyne, when you were working, tattoos and piercings were still very rare…

And I was far from heavily pierced or tattooed at the time, but I guess it was enough to make me “different” from the rest of the girls that I worked with at the escort agency. I was the only one who had tattoos and piercings outside of standard lobe piercings. Back then most girls didn’t have more than maybe two lobe piercings on each ear. Everyone there was pretty mainstream-looking. I hate to even use the word “mainstream” but I think you know what I am getting at.

BME:  What reaction did you get?
JUSTYNE:  It was always interesting to see — some really seemed to be turned on by what they considered the “bad girl” image. The ones that did like that were usually quite conservative in appearance. First-timers seemed to be slightly intimidated by me… I could never tell if it was because of my appearance or if they were just nervous.

Some clients didn’t seem to like the tattoos and piercings and wanted “the girl next door”. But they didn’t really complain or treat it as a negative. Occasionally I would receive the usual questions of, “why would a pretty girl like you do that to yourself?” — the sort of bullshit that I’m sure every modified girl hears so often in her lifetime. There was one client who really (and I stress, really!) did not like tattoos or piercings on girls, and because of that nothing happened. We talked for a few minutes, and then he said he was sorry, but he just couldn’t get past those things and sent me on my way. Fair enough, different strokes for different folks. It really didn’t bother me.

Having said that, the majority of my clients really didn’t care one way or the other.

BME:  And those of you that are currently working — Michelle, you’re very heavily tattooed, am I right in guessing that people seek you for your tattoos?
MICHELLE:  Yes, my clients do seek me out for them — but mainly because I’m such a smart ass! I had no idea I was getting famous until I had this girl do a double take, and then a triple take, and then she introduced herself to me and had that glassy look in her eye. I have to give up my addiction to Taco Bell!


Who do you think would win in a fight… Michelle or Barbie?
SHANNON:  Most of my clients have been pleasantly shocked by my mods. I also work full time as a manager of a nationwide company and keep a professional appearance. I don’t warn clients ahead of time about my mods. One of my first clients, after I stripped for him, stood there with a gaping mouth — he touched the CBR in my nipple and my tattoos on my pubic bone. I got on my knees and began giving him what he was paying for, and he flipped me in several positions. I like to think he was taking me in. He wanted every view of me — of my tattoos.

Afterwards, I asked him about my mods. He said they were fascinating for him, as he was an older gentleman and had never been with a modified woman before. I was thrilled that I could be of pleasure to him, and that I could give him a new experience (and I could feed my family for another week).

I have never been turned away when people found out about the mods, although I did get many men who did not like nipple piercings. The client I just mentioned was well connected through business and church (yes, I said church), and as time went by he referred me and my services to many other older, influential men in our area. I would say that ninety percent of the time the clients were fascinated by my tattoos, but not the nipples. Mine were fairly large — 8 gauge — and I am not sure if girls with smaller, more petite piercings would get the same reaction. They complained about the feel in their mouths and so on.

I did end up taking my nipple rings out because I now have a very wealthy older man who is my main client who doesn’t like them, and I wanted to oblige him. As far as the way they perceive me, I think they adore it. I think it adds to the mystery. Most of my clients have never been with a woman with tattoos and piercings. It’s exotic to them.

AZARIA:  I make sure on my site that my tats and piercing are plenty visible so that people who don’t like them don’t contact me. I would hate nothing more than to meet someone and hear them bitch about all my tats, which did happen once. I love my body art; I didn’t get it to please anyone else but me. I’m sure I miss out sometimes by having all these tats, but it doesn’t bother me one bit.


BME:  And do the mods actually make clients “behave differently” toward you, or make different requests you think?
AZARIA:  Almost everyone comments on them in some way or another. I have one on my lower back that seems to drive men wild. I don’t get much on my piercing; I did have one guy ask me to take it out. But other than that there’s not much affect at all.
KAYCE:  My clients usually don’t say too much, but I can tell they think I’m some kind of goth-girl or a party type, which I’m not. Some are taken aback a little, but that’s normal for vanilla types I guess — usually they really want to be more nasty with me… They feel if I have some tats and a few piercings, then I’m pretty liberal and they want to push my boundaries. I will accommodate their fantasies though, but only because I really enjoy having my alternate personality come out… which I love of course!
JUSTYNE:  I found that the ones that were turned on by it enjoyed themselves immensely… almost as if tattoos and piercings were a bit of a fetish for them. Or like Kayce said, they were excited by being with a “bad girl”. Other than that, it really didn’t affect anyone else’s behavior or mine. Honestly, for me it was just a job for money and not something that I actually enjoyed doing — though there were always “good” clients that I didn’t mind being with because they were extremely nice, funny, considerate, had good hygiene practices, and didn’t treat me like a whore. They were respectful.
MICHELLE:  After I got my nipples pierced it was a wonderful thing. Not only did it bring increased sensitivity to my nipples, but suddenly there was this air of reverence, mystery and greater worship of my breasts. No more tugging or nibbling, just gentle caressing which of course really sends me over the edge. I would recommend every naturally large breasted woman get her nips pierced. It’s like having a boob job. I never wear a bra anymore, and they look so frisky and perky: I love them!
SHANNON:  I’ve had men run their hands over my tattoos. I’ve gotten tons of compliments, and since I have a large back piece I get flipped over doggie-style quite a bit. I think most of these men love it because there is no way to mistake me for their wives!

As far as my behavior, piercings throw you off during sex sometimes, and you have to fight that. You don’t ever want the client to think you are uncomfortable. But I have been hit in a sore conch piercing and had to keep a straight face! I’ve had my horizontal hood sucked too hard I don’t know how many times. I think that my clients automatically think that I am into pain because of my mods, and that is not the case with me at all. I think I get smacked and bitten more often and without warning than an unmodded call girl.

BME:  Do the tattoos help you keep clients as regulars?
SHANNON:  I had one regular client that lived by himself in a huge house in a wealthy neighborhood. He was a large man who always begged me to spend the night. I never did. He loved my tattoos. His eyes would light up when he realized I had new work done. I never knew what he loved more: getting a blowjob from me or lying in his bed until the early hours of the morning drilling me about my tattoos, my piercings and the procedures. Every time I would go see him again I would expect to see him adorned with a tattoo. But he never did. I think he lived vicariously through me.
BME:  Now let me ask a little in reverse — do you get many (or any) clients with piercings and tattoos or even other modifications?
SHANNON:  My clients are mostly older married business men. I honestly don’t think I have been with any clients with modifications. It’s actually kind of funny, but I never saw an uncircumsized man until I started doing this!

I would really enjoy having a few clients with mods, but they have just not been presented to me. My theory on this is that modified men have healthier sexual relationships with their significant others (that’s just a theory).

BME:  Ha ha, well, I hope your theory is correct!
KAYCE:  I think it is — clients with piercings seem a little more laid back and somewhat more open to try new things and see a different view than my “straight” clients. Straight clients come, do their thing, and go, but with my pierced and tat clients we tend to talk about more mystical topics and spiritual emotions, which I love to do. They seem more into everything while the straight clients are more into just themselves.
MICHELLE:  It doesn’t make much difference to me whether a person is modified, but I do find the ones that are tattooed are much more accepting of their bodies and seem more in tune with themselves.
BME:  Azaria — no offense intended to Missouri, but I’m guessing you don’t get a lot of clients with body modifications?
AZARIA:  Most of the people I see are pretty straight laced. No tattoos and no piercings — maybe they come to me because I’m different from what they have at home. I do see someone who has four tattoos, each with their own story and that’s what I like. I haven’t had a client with a piercing yet — I’m waiting for someone to come along that has a PA… I’d really like to be with a guy with a PA and have even asked boyfriends to get it done but can’t find anyone with enough balls to do it.
BME:  That’s funny; I hope you don’t get too flooded with email after this goes up on BME, a lot of our readers have PAs!
KAYCE:  The cock piercings are my favorite because I like playing with them! One guy had his tongue split, and that was freaky, but then he went down on me and it was really erotic. I had a girlfriend who had both nipples pierced, and I led her around all night with a chain through her nipple rings… that was hot, and everyone loved the show!
BME:  Did you get to see much in the way of tattoos or piercings back when you were working, Justyne?
JUSTYNE:  I occasionally saw guys with the odd tattoo, but nothing really memorable. Sometimes talking to them about where they got their work done was a source of conversation to either kill time or help us get more comfortable though… I think if there had been more heavily modified clients I’d have enjoyed the work more because we would have had something in common.
MICHELLE:  I had one client that had half of his body tattooed, on the same side of his body as mine. We has a very hot session and I felt a deep bond with him. I have never had a session with a man that has a pierced penis. Pity. The ones that have ink love my ink and the revealing of the tattoos is an integral aspect of foreplay.


BME:  Any advice for men or women who want to positively make piercings or tattoos a part of their sexual lives and identities?
KAYCE:  Make sure you really want them! I had my tongue pierced and I didn’t like it that much, but it was easy to remove, as are most piercings. Tattoos are more of a permanent thing and are gonna be there forever, so choose wisely what you put on your skin!

My fiancé gets hard just looking at my tattoos, and when he does me doggie-style or anally from behind, it’s such a turn on for him. A lot of other guys feel that way as well and I feed off of that too! Both sides of my clit hood are pierced and it feels good to be stretched and played with, so I love it as well. Just use your body the way you want it used, and you will love your new piercings and tattoos!

Kayce enjoying her work

BME:  Shannon, you’d said your marriage didn’t survive — did your modifications play a role in that?
SHANNON:  Yes, you have to be with a partner who is also into modifications, and that is why my first marriage failed. As I became more and more involved with being modified and in this community, the farther we grew apart. It was a huge part of my life that he could not share. But besides, that the most important thing is for your partner to remember and take care not to disturb healing mods! I’ve had more piercings flare up from a knock during sex than any other event.
MICHELLE:  Getting tattooed is a very intense and personal experience. For me it was a spiritual act of reclaiming my body as mine after a very horrifying event that traumatized me, and probably will continue to for the rest of my life — a fire in my apartment. I have PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). Getting tattooed as an artist is an artistic expression, a public or private extension of myself. I feel more like the real true me. I love my body now that I am tattooed. I would recommend that if you get a tattoo, save up and just get one, a really big one. Just don’t get a name! Nooooo!
JUSTYNE:  My advice would be that people have to get their piercings and tattoos for themselves and not for anyone else. I’ve heard too many stories of people getting modified to please their partners only. I think if you are happy with yourself emotionally, physically, and sexually, then modifications will find a way to fit into your life positively. If the modifications are primarily for sexual reasons, then you need to practice and learn what you like and be vocal about it to your partner.
AZARIA:  Get them in sexy places of course… guys seem to really love the lower back tats on women. A tat that I like to see on men are the ones across the top of the back, and I also like sleeves on men. Guys, if you are thinking of a PA, get it — it may hurt at first but it’s just so awesome!
BME:  You really are looking forward to a PA, aren’t you? Justyne, did leaving the escort business make any difference in the modifications you got?
JUSTYNE:  I had actually thought about this while I was still in the business. I hesitated getting more tattoos at that time because I thought it would be a hindrance. While I have no plans to get back into the business, escorting is always in the back of my mind as my financial backup plan. I am much more modified than I was before, and I do wonder if it would affect me negatively if I chose to escort again. It’s easy to hide things and cover up while sitting at a desk in a corporate job, but not so easy when you’re buck naked!
BME:  And those of you who are still working — is it restricting you at all?
SHANNON:  Unfortunately it has. I won’t get any more piercings until I am totally out of the business. Also, I wouldn’t want to be in contact with a client who is healing a tattoo (for safety reasons), and I give that same respect to them. When I am working I only get tattooed right before a vacation.
KAYCE:  It hasn’t affected me at all. I do my own thing, and if people like it, fine, and if not then they can move on! I really want some more tattoos so I’ll get them this year probably, and I’ll still be in the escort business. I’ll keep on getting them!
MICHELLE:  I am definitely getting more! Guess what I spend all my money on? Not clothes and drugs, silly.
BME:  Azaria, you’re working more as a companion — does that make any difference in this question?
AZARIA:  I have become more self conscious about my body… I have learned to like my breasts more, and a lot of men actually tell me they like natural better than fake. I hate to say it, but having a kid was hell on my skin so I do have stretch marks, and have an appointment to get them covered real soon. Tattoos are an addiction for me — I will continue to get more no matter what, and as far as piercings I would like to have my hood done. Right now I just have my lip pierced.
BME:  What about when you were dancing? How did it affect that?
AZARIA:  My boss had tried to get me to cover up all my tats, especially the one on my tit. He said that I would make more money if I covered them up, I guess because guys are not so used to seeing girls with so many tats. Oh course I said HELL NO! and danced anyways. Like I said, if people don’t like them, they don’t have to look at me. I know I get stares from people a lot, having five tattoos on my arms. It seems to me that people haven’t quite accepted girls having a lot of tats.
BME:  Have any of you made any modification decisions that you regret?
AZARIA:  I let a non-professional do tats on me twice. Just being young and stupid… I had a professional cover the one on my left breast, but I still don’t like it, and then I have one on my ankle and I’m having a very hard time trying to find someone who can actually say they can cover it up.

So remember: Don’t get homemade tats — stick with the professionals! Other than that, choose what best fits your personality, and don’t be in a rush to pick one either. If you have an imagination that’s even better. Start out small… I like big tats but they are not for me.

KAYCE:  And never do an impulse tattoo!
BME:  What’s the biggest misconception people have regarding piercings and tattoos?
SHANNON:  People on the street (not clients) make the mistake of thinking that just because I have a beautiful back piece that they can touch it. This makes me angrier than anything. Also, I was just told by a coworker today at my day job that people find me “intimidating” when they meet me. I think they think my tattoos make me “tough” or “bitchy,” all of which aren’t true… I’m just not one to open up to everyone immediately.
JUSTYNE:  I think in terms of mine, people have made class-based assumptions, like that I’m low class or uneducated.
MICHELLE:  I don’t think their misconceptions are wrong! We are dangerous, deviant, and defiant! That’s exactly why we are so cool and they can’t get their eyes off us.
BME:  Thank you all so much for being so open and talking to me about this.
SHANNON:  I hope it was helpful — I don’t glamorize what I do. It really isn’t a glamorous thing, at least for me. It is a way to get the things I want and not have to worry about bills or money. And it’s not easy either. I have to keep in great shape for clients. I spend about an hour a day at the gym, and am always on a strict diet. It is tiring working a forty-plus hour week at a day job, and then spend two or three nights per week with clients. But it is a lot less tiring than worrying about how I’m going to pay the rent!


Shibari (Japanese Rope Bondage)

Thank you again to all these women for taking the time to talk candidly about their work and their bodies. If you’d like to visit them online (or in real life), Kayce can be found at xxxoticxxxposure.com, Michelle can be found at netmichelle.com, and Azaria is online at azariaforu.com (the others have asked to stay anonymous). If you decide to contact them for any reason, please do so with respect.

To those of you who think that BME shouldn’t be talking to escorts for ethical reasons, well, screw you. These are all intelligent, independent, and capable women perfectly able to make their own decisions about their own lives. They were a lot of fun to engage for this interview and I wish them the best of luck wherever they choose to take themselves.

Shannon Larratt

Photos courtesy and copyright the interviewees. Michelle’s cover photo and most others in this article are by Patrick Bastien (pbastien.com), and the Shibari photos are by CharlyB.

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