Want Ink?

If you want to get tattooed whilst you are in town for BMEfest I recommend you check out Rev. Matt Ellis for really nice custom tattoo work! Matt has tattooed some of the BMEstaff and a lot of our friends as well. I have confirmed with Matt that he does do genital tattoos so if you fancy adding a little colour to your fiddly bits he will be happy to accommodate you*.

Here’s a small selection of his work..

rev-matt-21.jpg rev-matt-4.jpg

He is currently taking appointments but is quickly filling up for that week so make sure you contact him right away! You can find Matt at RevMattEllis.com/ or WayCool Uptown, which is a five minute walk from the Sheppard subway stop and Yonge and Sheppard.

*Genital tattoos are $400 Minimum with a 50% deposit required at the time of booking.

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