26 thoughts on “Mike Tyson, Inverted.

  1. It proaly isnt but i swear thats photo shopped the tatto just doesnt seem to follow the contours of his face

  2. I definitely want to see another pic of that tattoo because I can’t shake the feeling that it doesn’t look real at all. It reeks of photoshop.

  3. There’s an original in the St. Petersburg convention update in if not tomorrow’s update, the next one. It’s definitely real.

  4. it’s a bad angle/lighting, I can barely see it on my machine, just the very tips… what I can see looks awesome though!

  5. i’m so embarrassed – when you said mike tyson, i immediately began scanning his ear for some sort of bizarre cut out or something. i guess that goes to show how subtle it is – at least in this photo.

  6. @9, I was looking at his ear at first too 😛 Not really into tribals, but the guy’s cute 😀

  7. i think it looks better on this guy, actually. like when whitney houston covered dolly parton’s ‘i will always love you.’

  8. I have to agree, even to the naked eye this reeks of Photoshop. I took it into Photoshop and used the eyedropper. The tattoo is the same color throughout, but his face shows a range of colors (some of it in shadow, some reddish, some white, etc.) So it was painted on, no question. Busted.

  9. imho, it looks like one of the sunburn designs you sometimes see…you know the kind where they cover a portion of their skin and let the rest sunburn? i think there was a guy who did the 300 logo on his back a few months ago. but, that is just me.

  10. I hate to say, but I think this is fake. Some of the tips are just too bright, it doesnt follow the lighting on his face. Especially the one underneath his eye.

  11. wormz: haha nice. there seems to be a lot of fakes recently. In my opinion anyways. the ‘lust’ “scarification” (I think it was actually welts.. the inverted mike tyson, the dragon.

    what i dont get about the dragon is if they took the time to edit it that much why not erase it over the shirt?

    I know this man, this is my very good friend, his name is Kirill and his tattooe IS REAL.
    It’s not a fake….
    Delete slashes and enjoy.
    This is another photo of him…
    http :// cs114. vkontakte. ru/ u16850/ 11030690 /x_7f70ff5a . jpg

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