11 thoughts on “Vasectomy Tribute Tattoo

  1. This guy must feel like he is losing his nuts to his vasectomy…but he’s not…he’s just losing his little swimmers…this tattoo really makes no sense to me…not that it needs to… What ever floats his semen free boat

  2. I can’t imagine wanting a scrotum tattooed on me, but I do know that if I got a vasectomy I would probably be pleased enough to commemorate it with a tattoo.

  3. I’m proud I had a vasectomy but have never considered advertising it for the world. Kind of a neat tattoo though and now has me considering getting one.

  4. Really neat idea to commemorate one’s vasectomy. I’m proud I had the snip and am thinking of getting a tattoo similar in design to commemorate my vasectomy.

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